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09/27/13 Filings item- Two young men detonated suicide vests and turned a warm community celebration into the biggest massacre of Christians in Pakistan's history sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Pakistan
09/27/13 Filings item- I've Been Wondering sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Kevin Bauder, John R Rice, In The Nick of Time
09/27/13 Filings item- Would President Obama have bombed the Canaanites? sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Baal, Ancient Near East
09/28/13 Filings item- From Hitler's Wolves to Christ's Lambs sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Nazis
09/28/13 Filings item- Why Is Deuteronomy the Favorite Book of Jesus? Daniel Block Explains sifilings Bible Passages Deuteronomy
09/28/13 Filings item- "The cost of sending a young person to a state university will, in many cases, be a life marked by ambivalence toward spiritual things" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Secular College
09/28/13 Filings item- A Global Slaughter of Christians, but America’s Churches Stay Silent sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Persecution
09/29/13 Filings item- Fuller's argument needs to be heard today in the face of forced “tolerance” of intolerable positions sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Tolerance
09/30/13 Filings item- FactChecker: Does Secular College Cause Young Adults to Lose Their Faith? sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Secular College
09/30/13 Filings item- NANC is seeking to change its name to the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). sifilings Other Issues & Controversies NANC
09/30/13 Filings item- Our Lady of Wheaton sifilings Theology & Methodology Wheaton College, Mariology
10/01/13 Filings item- "Newsflash: if your son has no faith at the end of college, then he had no faith when he started" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Secular College
10/01/13 Filings item- How To Support Your Missionaries´ Wives sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions
10/01/13 Filings item- "Yesterday I did something that I have never done before in a sermon. I publicly called out false teachers and named them by name" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Prosperity Gospel
10/01/13 Filings item- Does the M.Div. Have a Future? sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Seminary
10/01/13 Filings item- Sharks, Nukes, and Sparrows - His Eye is On Them All sifilings Theology & Methodology Sovereignty of God
10/01/13 Filings item- Pope Francis stirs debate yet again with interview with an atheist Italian journalist sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Atheism, Pope Francis
10/01/13 Filings item- 'Killing Jesus': "This is best available evidence according to Bill" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Bill O'Reilly
10/02/13 Filings item- How the Church of North America with the best of intentions ends up unintentionally funding the abuse and neglect of children sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Haiti, Missions
10/02/13 Filings item- Joni Eareckson Tada reviews Tim Keller's "Walking with God through Pain and Suffering" sifilings Books, Reading & Writing Tim Keller, Joni Eareckson Tada
10/02/13 Filings item- "Those Burmese monks, please, when they develop some kind of anger towards Muslim brothers and sisters, please, remember the Buddhist faith" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Dalai Lama
10/02/13 Filings item- Deal to purchase Owatonna's Pillsbury campus imminent sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Pillsbury Baptist Bible College
10/03/13 Filings item- Will Anyone Speak Against Worldliness? sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Worldliness
10/03/13 Filings item- Chuck Smith, 86, Dies After Cancer Battle sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Calvary Chapel, Obituary, Chuck Smith
10/03/13 Filings item- 12 Things I Want To Teach My Children About Church sifilings Church & Ministry in General Children, Church & Ministry
10/04/13 Filings item- Why the Church Still Needs the Seminary sifilings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Seminary, Kevin DeYoung
10/04/13 Filings item- Eighty-two years ago, C.S. Lewis took a fateful ride in a motorcycle sidecar to Whipsnade Park Zoo near Dunstable, UK. sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism C.S. Lewis
10/04/13 Filings item- Should Believers Be Different from Unbelievers? sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Personal Separation
10/05/13 Filings item- Pope Francis - a theological wreck sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Pope Francis, Russell Moore
10/05/13 Filings item- R.C. Sproul Jr.: "there is no Shannon to comfort me in the loss of Shannon" sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism R.C. Sproul Jr.