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09/05/13 Filings item- Five Reasons We Don't Evangelize: # 1: Churches isolate Christians from unbelievers sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Evangelism
09/05/13 Filings item- "A little research shows that passing the offering plate was not a regular practice until the 19th century" sifilings Worship & Music Offering Plate
09/05/13 Filings item- Robert Schuller diagnosed with life-threatening cancer sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Robert Schuller
09/05/13 Filings item- Hotels and the Pornography Plague: An Example of Moral Responsibility from Scandinavia sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Hotels, Pornography
09/06/13 Filings item- FYI (if you’re a teenage girl) sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Modesty
09/06/13 Filings item- Mission Congo: how Pat Robertson raised millions on the back of a non-existent aid project sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Pat Robertson
09/07/13 Filings item- Do some Southern Baptist Calvinists believe those who die in infancy go to hell? sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Southern Baptists, Calvinism
09/07/13 Filings item- Asleep in Church: A lack of “Sabbath preparation”? sifilings Preaching & Leadership Preaching
09/08/13 Filings item- Swimwear: From 36 square feet to 36 square inches sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Modesty
09/08/13 Filings item- Some are pointing to Old Testament passages that predict the destruction of Damascus and a civil war in Egypt sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Prophecy, Egypt, Syria
09/09/13 Filings item- Transition: Matt Olson to Valley Community Church in Louisville, CO sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Matt Olson
09/09/13 Filings item- "There is no such thing as adoption without suffering" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Adoption
09/11/13 Filings item- Marking the 50th anniversary of the Sept. 15, 1963, attack by Ku Klux Klan members at the 16th Street Baptist Church sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Civil Rights, Black Americans
09/11/13 Filings item- "Just as in Noah’s day, the building of a full-size Ark can stand as a reminder to the world of salvation" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis
09/11/13 Filings item- Vatican Secretary of State: "Celibacy is not ... a dogma of the church" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Vatican, Celibacy
09/11/13 Filings item- Muslim ‘jizya’ shakedown in Egypt sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood
09/11/13 Filings item- "He should have canceled the speech. It was halfhearted, pro forma and strange" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies President Obama, Syria, Peggy Noonan
09/11/13 Filings item- A Pastor’s Reflections: Degrees Don’t Mean Much sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Seminary
09/11/13 Filings item- Putin: "[a] strike by the United States against Syria ... would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Vladimir Putin. Syria
09/11/13 Filings item- 2 Chronicles 7:14 - If my people...? sifilings Bible Passages 2 Chronicles 7:14
09/11/13 Filings item- Pope Francis tells atheists to ‘obey their conscience’ ... 'God’s mercy has no limits' sifilings Theology & Methodology Roman Catholicism, Pope Francis
09/12/13 Filings item- Pastor Terry Jones arrested ahead of planned Quran burning sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Terry Jones, Quran
09/13/13 Filings item- "What Shall Be Done for the Man Whom the King Delights to Honor?" sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions
09/13/13 Filings item- Philly United Methodist Church to host Lesbian "Romeo and Juliet" sifilings Society, Culture & Politics United Methodists, Gay Agenda
09/13/13 Filings item- Gene Simmons on Tebow: "But a guy who’s religious and has got family values isn’t ‘cool?’ He’s cool to me" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies NFL, Tim Tebow
09/13/13 Filings item- "The night is coming. American Christians have been living as if the sun shone upon them" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Kevin Bauder
09/13/13 Filings item- 5 Types of Sermon Illustrations and How to Use Them sifilings Preaching & Leadership Sermon Illustrations, Preaching
09/13/13 Filings item- Eric Holder, IRS officials coached tax-exempt black ministers on how to engage in political activity sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Politics
09/16/13 Filings item- Meet Father Dad: How married priests would change the Catholic Church sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Roman Catholicism
09/16/13 Filings item- "This doctrine of six day creation was ... the consensus of the theologians, ministers and elders at the Westminster Assembly" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Presbyterians, Creationism