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09/30/08 Article- Captain's Log, Part 7 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
09/29/08 Filings item- Protesting Pastors Back Candidates from Pulpit Aaron Blumer Filings
09/29/08 Filings item- Outreach Magazine Lists 100 Biggest Churches in USA Aaron Blumer Filings
09/29/08 Filings item- Movie With A Powerful Message About Marriage Makes Strong Debut Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/29/08 Article- Introducing the Refiner's Club Aaron Blumer Giving, SharperIron
09/28/08 Filings item- Educators Back Controversial Bible Course SharperIron Filings
09/28/08 Filings item- Bill Maher Film Mocks, Rejects Religion Aaron Blumer Filings
09/27/08 Filings item- Christians & Hindus Continue to Clash in India SharperIron Filings
09/26/08 Filings item- Scot McKnight Writes About the Ironic Faith of Emergents Aaron Blumer Filings
09/26/08 Filings item- Institute Reports U.S. Abortion Statistics Aaron Blumer Filings
09/26/08 Article- SI Member Profiles Are No Longer Public Aaron Blumer SharperIron
09/26/08 Article- Why So Many Lawyers? Pastor Dan Miller Christian Living
09/25/08 Filings item- "FireProof" Star, Kirk Cameron, Speaks About His Marriage Committment Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/25/08 Filings item- Charles Ryrie Lectures at BBC Aaron Blumer Filings
09/25/08 Filings item- Council on Dispensational Hermeneutics Meets KevinM Filings
09/25/08 Article- Book Review: Simple Gifts Barbara H. Books & Publishing, Fiction
09/24/08 Filings item- ADF Calls for "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" Aaron Blumer Filings
09/24/08 Filings item- Bible Park Faces Zoning Challenges SharperIron Filings
09/24/08 Filings item- Conference Reporters Wanted Aaron Blumer Filings
09/24/08 Filings item- Financial Information Related To Missions Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/24/08 Article- Book Review: Truman Douglas K. Kutilek Books & Publishing
09/23/08 Filings item- Gideons to Celebrate 100 Yrs of Bibles SharperIron Filings
09/23/08 Filings item- Disturbing Trends in School Aged Boys Aaron Blumer Filings
09/23/08 Article- Captain's Log, Part 6 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
09/22/08 Filings item- Separation Seminar Audio Now Online Aaron Blumer Filings
09/22/08 Filings item- Nearly Half of Americans Claim Supernatural Encounters Aaron Blumer Filings
09/22/08 Filings item- Study: Americans Divided on Role of Women in Politics SharperIron Filings
09/22/08 Article- Calvinism on the “N” Train jpdsr51 Arminianism, Calvinism, Missions
09/21/08 Filings item- Children Removed from Arkansas Evangelist's Compound Aaron Blumer Filings
09/20/08 Filings item- "Gospel Today" Pulled From LifeWay Stores Shelves Dan Burrell Filings