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06/21/18 Filings item- How Did America Become a Nation of Slobs? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics American Culture, Clothing
06/21/18 Filings item- A Psalm-Singing Resurgence Aaron Blumer Worship & Music Psalm Singing, Church Music
06/21/18 Article- Theology Thursday - J.C. Ryle on Simple Preaching TylerR Preaching & Leadership J.C. Ryle, Preaching
06/20/18 Poll- Is it right to separate children from parents over immigration? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
06/20/18 Filings item- Incredibles 2, Equality, and Fathers Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Fatherhood, Parenting, Women's Role
06/20/18 Filings item- An Increasing Number of Parents Raising Kids without Religion Aaron Blumer Home & Family Parenting, Religious Trends
06/20/18 Article- Surveying the Period from Joshua to David (Part 3) Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Covenants, Old Testament, Davidic Covenant
06/19/18 Filings item- Pew: Most Americans Can’t Tell Fact From Opinion Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Pew Research, Clear Thinking, Critical Thinking, American Culture
06/19/18 Filings item- Jeff Sessions and Romans 13: Should Christians Always Obey the Government? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Romans 13, Jeff Sessions, Immigration
06/19/18 Article- NT Prophecy and Tongues Today? An Introduction Bob Gonzales Theology & Methodology Cessationism, Spiritual Gifts, Prophecy, Tongues, Series - BG Cessation
06/18/18 Filings item- This Week in Christian History: Charles Spurgeon, Supreme Court School Prayer, Council of Ephesus Aaron Blumer Church & Biblical History Church History
06/18/18 Filings item- 9,637: SBC's unofficial Dallas registration...nearly double last year's 5,015 messengers Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Southern Baptist Convention
06/18/18 Filings item- This Father’s Day, More Than a Quarter of Kids Have Absentee Fathers Aaron Blumer Home & Family Fatherhood, American Culture
06/18/18 Article- Don't Be a Fake TylerR Christian Living Psalm 119, Christian Life
06/17/18 Filings item- The Truth about Separating Kids Jim Society, Culture & Politics Immigration
06/17/18 Filings item- Texas Republican Party Endorses Marijuana Decriminalization Jim Society, Culture & Politics Marijuana Decriminalization, Marijuana, GOP
06/17/18 Filings item- As archdiocese builds new system to address clergy sex abuse, trust grows Jim Society, Culture & Politics Roman Catholicism, Clergy Sexual Abuse
06/15/18 Filings item- Report from FBF Annual Meeting TylerR Church & Ministry in General FBFI
06/15/18 Filings item- Department of Justice Announces Place to Worship Initiative Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty
06/15/18 Filings item- Northeastern University Prof: 'Why Can’t We Hate Men?' Aaron Blumer Education Feminism
06/15/18 Article- From the Archives: Why We Need Dads Pastor Dan Miller Home & Family Fatherhood
06/14/18 Filings item- Two Christian universities won a lawsuit against an abortion pill mandate after a judge ruled the mandate violated their religious rights. Jim Other Issues & Controversies ObamaCare
06/14/18 Filings item- PCA elects its first African American General Assembly Moderator Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General PCA, Race Issues, Presbyterians
06/14/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Philip's Gnostic "Gospel" TylerR Church & Biblical History Gnosticism
06/13/18 Filings item- Critical reactions from new mothers can affect dads' early parenting quality Aaron Blumer Home & Family Parenting
06/13/18 Filings item- Supreme Court Rejects PCUSA Claim to Property of Breakaway Conservative Congregation Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General PCUSA, Supreme Court
06/13/18 Article- Is Jesus King of All of Us? Randy White Theology & Methodology Reign of Christ, Kingship, Christology
06/12/18 Filings item- J.D. Greear: Humility and Hope: My Prayer for the Southern Baptist Convention Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism J.D. Greear, Southern Baptist Convention
06/12/18 Filings item- It Is Possible to Be a Feminist and Be Prolife Jim Other Issues & Controversies Feminism
06/12/18 Filings item- North Korea: Christianity is deemed a ‘serious threat’ Jim Society, Culture & Politics North Korea, Persecution