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07/05/06 Filings item- Statue of Liberation Through Christ Austin M. Politics, Filings
07/05/06 Filings item- "Neither men nor churches can be their best living unto themselves." Greg Linscott GARBC, Filings
07/05/06 Article- John Goetsch, James Stalker, and Homiletical Heart Issues Todd Wood Christian Living, Preaching, Theology
07/04/06 Filings item- Foxe's Book of Martyrs: 2006 American Edition Greg Linscott Filings, Humor
07/04/06 Filings item- "The term (Fundamentalist) came to be synonymous with 'low-brow, angry, belligerent idiot.'" Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings, Fundamentalism
07/04/06 Filings item- Somewhere Between Bubble Gum and $1,000 Greg Linscott Filings, Church & Ministry
07/04/06 Article- A Short History of American Exceptionalism in Letters and Speeches Mike Sproul Politics, U.S. History
07/03/06 Article- Separation of the Individual Christian and the Local Church SharperIron Separation, Fundamentalism
07/01/06 Article- World Cup Update: Great Opportunities Jeff Brown FIFA World Cup, Missions
07/01/06 Filings item- Has Noah's Ark Been Found? Greg Linscott Archaeology, Filings
07/01/06 Filings item- "...(T)he claim to be a biblicist is a rhetorical cheap shot..." Greg Linscott Filings, Arminianism, Calvinism
07/01/06 Article- Separation from Professing Brethren- Notes toward an Understanding Kevin T. Bauder Separation, Fundamentalism
06/30/06 Filings item- Cornerstone U. Keeps Bans on Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings, Christian Liberty
06/30/06 Filings item- "I think if people know the atmosphere back then, then they would understand why nothing was said until he left" Greg Linscott Filings
06/30/06 Filings item- Christian men at the city gates... Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
06/30/06 Filings item- Study: Money Does Not Buy Much Happiness Greg Linscott Christian Living, Filings
06/29/06 Article- GARBC Messengers Separate from Cedarville; Adopt Separation Statement SharperIron GARBC, Separation, Fundamentalism
06/29/06 Filings item- Blogging the GARBC Conference, Day 2 Greg Linscott GARBC, Filings
06/29/06 Article- Biblical Baptist---Faith and Practice SharperIron Separation, Fundamentalism
06/29/06 Filings item- Democratic Senator Obama: "Secularists are wrong when they ask believers to leave their religion at the door before entering the public square." Austin M. Politics, Filings
06/28/06 Filings item- On Congregational Jazz Greg Linscott Music, Filings, Worship
06/28/06 Filings item- "The internet is basically a two-edged sword with the ability to both harm and help." Greg Linscott Filings, Blogging, Internet
06/28/06 Filings item- Blogging the GARBC Conference, Day 1 Greg Linscott GARBC, Filings
06/28/06 Article- Sins That Check Addy Forrest Christian Living
06/27/06 Filings item- Introducing the English Bible Text Debate Forum Greg Linscott Filings, SharperIron
06/27/06 Article- Reaching Out to Homosexuals SharperIron Homosexuality, Counseling, Missions
06/27/06 Filings item- Church Pays People $25 For Attending A Service Greg Linscott Filings, There Are No Words
06/27/06 Filings item- "I'm afraid part of the reason many Christian works in the public domain haven't been scanned and made publicly available is the balkanization of the Christian Bible software market and the greed of Christian software publishers." Greg Linscott Filings, Technology
06/26/06 Filings item- "There is a difference between talking to a prostitute about the Gospel and entering a brothel -- much less buying a booth." Greg Linscott Filings, Evangelism
06/26/06 Article- A Critique of Dr. Thomas M. Strouse's "The Geocentric Cosmology of Genesis 1:1-19" Bob McCabe Geocentricity, Fundamentalism, Theology