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07/28/17 Filings item- Jeff Sessions Wakes Up Next To Severed Horse Head TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Babylon Bee, Satire
07/31/17 Filings item- Ministry to Women When There’s No “Women’s Ministry” TylerR Church & Ministry in General Women's Ministry
07/31/17 Filings item- Twins, not Rivals: Regeneration and Effective Calling in the Ordo Salutis TylerR Theology & Methodology Ordo Salutis, Salvation, Soteriology
07/31/17 Filings item- Does God Love Everyone the Same? TylerR Theology & Methodology God's Love
08/01/17 Filings item- Four Reasons Why Desire in Genesis 3:16 is About Intimacy Not Domination TylerR Theology & Methodology Marriage, The Fall
08/02/17 Filings item- What Is “Fundamentalism?” TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism
08/02/17 Filings item- Why I’m Not Allowing Laptops in My Seminary Class TylerR Education Technology, Christian Education
08/04/17 Filings item- DBTS Announces Redesigned Master of Theology Program TylerR Education DBTS, Seminary
08/04/17 Filings item- 3 Lines in the Sand TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Transgenderism, Homosexuality
08/04/17 Filings item- A Prophetic Warning to Christian Educators TylerR Education Christian Education
08/07/17 Filings item- Listen to This! TylerR Worship & Music Christian Music
08/08/17 Filings item- Themelios (Vol 42, Issue 2) TylerR Theology & Methodology Themelios
08/09/17 Filings item- What is "Liberal Christianity?" TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Liberalism, Roger Olson
08/09/17 Filings item- Fall Conference - The Dark Side of the Reformation TylerR Church & Biblical History Reformation
08/11/17 Filings item- The Foundation of the New Perspective TylerR Theology & Methodology NPP, second-temple judaism
08/11/17 Filings item- Multi-Campus Pastor Revealed To Be Advanced Hologram TylerR Church & Ministry in General Megachurches, Satire
08/14/17 Filings item- Are Metaphors Inspired? TylerR Theology & Methodology Koine Greek, Bible Translation
08/14/17 Filings item- The Big Advantage of Shorter Series TylerR Preaching & Leadership Expository Preaching, Preaching
08/16/17 Filings item- Preaching Bigger Books in Shorter Series TylerR Preaching & Leadership Expository Preaching, Preaching
08/16/17 Filings item- Nine Disciplines of a Successful Seminary Student TylerR Education Seminary, Bible Education, Christian Education
08/16/17 Filings item- In Praise of Our President TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Racism
08/21/17 Filings item- 10 Common but Illegitimate Reasons to Divorce TylerR Home & Family Divorce
08/25/17 Filings item- Ten (Bad, But Popular) Arguments for Abortion TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Abortion
08/28/17 Filings item- The Man in Romans 7 TylerR Bible Passages Bible Passages, Christian Life
08/29/17 Filings item- Joel Osteen Sails Luxury Yacht Through Flooded Houston To Pass Out Copies Of ‘Your Best Life Now’ TylerR Christian Living Satire, Babylon Bee, Joel Osteen
08/29/17 Filings item- The Nashville Statement from CBMW TylerR Theology & Methodology Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Gender, Sexual Ethics, Marriage, Nashville Statement
08/30/17 Filings item- Special Report - The Gospel Coalition TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Gospel Coalition, ACCC, Fundamentalism, New Evangelicalism
08/31/17 Filings item- Paul’s Jewish Heritage TylerR Theology & Methodology Apostle Paul
09/02/17 Filings item- Michael Bird on the Nashville Statement TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Nashville Statement, LGBT, Evangelism
09/05/17 Filings item- Keller, Moore, and Duncan on the Non-Negotiable Beliefs About Creation TylerR Theology & Methodology Creation