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02/16/09 Filings item- Not the "Right" Label? Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
02/16/09 Filings item- "I Think My Wife's a Calvinist" Greg Linscott Filings, Calvinism
02/16/09 Filings item- Is Rush the new Pat Robertson? Greg Linscott Politics, Filings
02/16/09 Filings item- Obama's New Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office Raises Concerns Aaron Blumer Filings, Social Action
02/16/09 Filings item- Christian Book Rises to #1 on Amazon's Atheism List Greg Linscott Atheism, Filings
02/16/09 Filings item- "The frank admission of the elephant in the room that so many others want to deny is refreshing." Greg Linscott Filings, Fundamentalism, Current Issues
02/16/09 Filings item- "...(I)f we really believe that abortion is an intimate act of violence, then we can't aim at anything less than ending abortion." Greg Linscott Abortion, Filings
02/16/09 Filings item- "Transparency is important" Greg Linscott Ethics, Filings, Giving
02/16/09 Filings item- Neglecting The Transmission of Christian Culture Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
02/16/09 Article- Unsung Heroes: Thanking Lay Leaders for Their Service Joel Tetreau Christian Living, Church & Ministry, Pastors
02/15/09 Filings item- “We have enough Southern Baptists to reach all the people of North America. Through GPS, God’s Plan for Sharing, we want every believer sharing and every person believing by 2020.” Aaron Blumer Filings, Southern Baptists
02/13/09 Filings item- ELCA Lutherans Warm to "Feminist Theologies" Aaron Blumer Feminism, Filings, Theology
02/13/09 Article- The Curious Fellowship of the Distance Athlete Stephen Bean Christian Living
02/12/09 Page- Advertisers SharperIron
02/12/09 Filings item- Darwin Doubters Persist on 200th Birthday Aaron Blumer Evolution, Filings, Science
02/12/09 Article- Psalms Singing—The Why and How SharperIron Christian Living, Music
02/11/09 Filings item- Three Bucks Settles a Lawsuit Aaron Blumer Religious Liberty, Filings
02/11/09 Filings item- Church Honors Pianist Pastor Joe Roof Filings
02/11/09 Filings item- MBBC Announces Conference on Baptist Fundamentalism Aaron Blumer Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Filings, Fundamentalism
02/11/09 Filings item- Wycliffe Translators Join AIDS Fight in Africa Aaron Blumer Filings, Social Action
02/11/09 Filings item- Sudan Peace Talks Resume Aaron Blumer Filings
02/11/09 Article- Theology Light: Achilles's Heel of Fundamentalism Steve Davis Christian Living, Fundamentalism
02/10/09 Filings item- Parents Sue Over Daughter's at-School Pregnancy Test Aaron Blumer Parenting, Public Schools, Filings
02/10/09 Filings item- The Spiritual Gift of... a Sense of Humor? Aaron Blumer Filings
02/10/09 Article- Understanding Conservative Christianity, Part 1 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
02/09/09 Filings item- Over 5,000 Pastors Pledge to Keep Sermons Purely Biblical Aaron Blumer Filings, Preaching
02/09/09 Filings item- Mohler Discusses Future of Evangelicalism Aaron Blumer Evangelicalism, Filings
02/09/09 Filings item- "Gay Marriage" Progress & Regress Aaron Blumer Homosexuality, Filings, Government
02/09/09 Article- Book Review: Jesus Christ: Teacher, Servant & Savior Michael R. Jones Books & Publishing, Nonfiction
02/07/09 Filings item- BJU Spring Bible Conference Features Spectrum of Speakers Pastor Joe Roof Filings