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09/22/06 Article- Hurry Up and Wait Joy Wagner Christian Living
09/21/06 Filings item- Wal-Mart testing $4 generic prescription drugs to all Greg Linscott Filings, Current Issues
09/21/06 Filings item- Stolen Stuff - Wonderful Grace Jason Janz Filings
09/21/06 Filings item- "Preaching, as it is practiced in modern churches, is extra-biblical, a poor form of communication, and creates dependency." Greg Linscott Filings, Preaching, Current Issues
09/21/06 Filings item- "Scripture knows no such office as sheep dog." Greg Linscott Filings, Blogging, Pastors
09/21/06 Article- What the Pope Said That Upset So Many Jeff Brown Roman Catholicism
09/20/06 Filings item- Preaching, Plagiarism, and Pride Jason Janz Filings
09/20/06 Filings item- The Adoption Fund is Complete! Jason Janz Filings
09/20/06 Article- Lied About, Stoned, and Left for Dead Joel Tetreau Christian Living, Church & Ministry
09/19/06 Filings item- Fundamentalism and Aesthetics Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Fundamentalism
09/19/06 Filings item- Baptism by... fire hose? Greg Linscott Filings, There Are No Words
09/19/06 Filings item- Week Two Standings Brian McCrorie Filings, Sports
09/19/06 Article- Shall We Reason Together? Part One: The Challenge of Alogicality Kevin T. Bauder Logic, In The Nick of Time
09/18/06 Filings item- "Once again it is Christians failing to find meaning in a serious thing." Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings, There Are No Words
09/18/06 Article- Just Under $3400 Needed - Deadline Extended Jason Janz Charity
09/18/06 Article- Character in Ministry Dan Burrell Christian Living, Church & Ministry, Pastors
09/16/06 Filings item- "Secularists are hoping that evangelical Christians and radicalized Muslims are essentially the same, which is why they will love this film." Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
09/16/06 Article- A Need of $6825, 48 hours, and One Precious Child - Please Help! Jason Janz Charity
09/16/06 Filings item- Chloe Jane needs a home... Can you help? Greg Linscott Adoption, Filings, Social Action
09/15/06 Filings item- Fundamentalists... Victims of their Own Success? Greg Linscott Filings, Southern Baptists, Fundamentalism
09/15/06 Filings item- Who knew and When did they know it? Mike Sproul Politics, Filings
09/15/06 Article- In Defense of the Gospel: Martuneac Responds to Wood's Review Lou Martuneac Books & Publishing, Arminianism, Calvinism
09/14/06 Filings item- "One person's profanity is another's casual slang." Greg Linscott Music, Filings
09/14/06 Filings item- "Strawberry Shortcake" as Bible Study Material? Who Knew? Greg Linscott Filings, Church & Ministry, Current Issues
09/14/06 Article- The Primacy of the Local Church C. D. Cauthorne Jr. Christian Living, Church & Ministry
09/13/06 Filings item- Psalm Singing Resource Greg Linscott Music, Filings
09/13/06 Filings item- "The Perfect Church, for many modern Americans, is the one where they are the sole member." Greg Linscott Christian Living, Filings, Church & Ministry
09/13/06 Filings item- "Much would be gained if we were to intuit the proper genre of another’s blog and critique that blog in keeping with the authorially intended genre." Greg Linscott Filings, Blogging
09/13/06 Article- America's Spiritual Ground Zero Todd Wood Mormonism, Apologetics, Missions
09/12/06 Filings item- Rosie O’Donnell: "...radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America." Greg Linscott Homosexuality, Filings, Fundamentalism