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08/03/20 Filings item- What Should I Do When Coworkers Use Bad Language? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Workplace Ethics
08/03/20 Article- The Angel of the Bottomless Pit: Challenging Our Comfortable Worldview Paul Henebury Bible Passages Demonology, Difficult Passages, Angelology, Book of Revelation
08/02/20 Poll- How many classes of *living* beings exist that produce music? RajeshG Worship & Music
07/31/20 Filings item- California transgender fund scrapped SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Bioethics, Sexual Ethics, Gender Transition, Transgender Politics
07/31/20 Filings item- Loving Our Neighbors in a Fallen World SI Filings Christian Living Race Relations, Books, Image of God, Anthropology
07/31/20 Filings item- What is the relationship between common grace and business? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work, Common Grace
07/31/20 Filings item- Surgeon General Jerome Adams offers medical guidance for faith communities SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church Reopening, Surgeon General, Coronavirus
07/31/20 Filings item- Veith on our summer of cultural suicide SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics American Culture, Western Civilization, Identity Politics
07/31/20 Filings item- Complementarians in favor of women as preachers? SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Research, Complementarianism, Women Preaching
07/31/20 Article- Why Christians Must Be to Loyal to Truth, Not Political Party or Brand Aaron Blumer Christian Living Truth, Public Discourse, Politics, Clear Thinking
07/30/20 Filings item- “Reading and studying the Bible is not concerned with what we feel the text may mean” SI Filings Christian Living Bible Reading, Bible Interpretation, Bible Study
07/30/20 Filings item- Are Evangelicals Actually Conservative? TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Conservative Evangelicalism
07/30/20 Filings item- Christians Should Reject the Latest Pro-Hydroxychloroquine Video SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Hydroxychloroquine, Coronavirus
07/30/20 Filings item- Richard Baxter and How to Do Good to Many SI Filings Christian Living Puritans, Richard Baxter, Doing Good
07/30/20 Filings item- A Really Good REFORMED Systematic Theology TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Roger Olson, Books
07/30/20 Filings item- Moore, others urge FDA to remove abortion pill from U.S. market SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Russell Moore, Abortion, Bioethics
07/30/20 Filings item- “57% of Protestant churchgoers say they find it challenging to make sense of the Bible when they read it on their own” SI Filings Christian Living Bible Reading, Bible Interpretation, LifeWay Research
07/30/20 Article- Have We Forgotten the Curse? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology Curse of Sin, Suffering, Redemption of Creation
07/29/20 Filings item- Morality and Music SI Filings Worship & Music Worship Music, Singing, American Culture
07/29/20 Filings item- “We may have Jesus in the bio, but it's the Republican or Democratic Party that is really in our hearts.” SI Filings Christian Living Politicization, Public Discourse, Social Media, Respect
07/29/20 Filings item- The Benefits of Online Small Groups SI Filings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Ministry Technology, Online Groups, Video Conferencing
07/29/20 Filings item- COVID outbreak of more than 40 cases tied to revival at rural Alabama church SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Coronavirus, Church Reopening, COVID Outbreaks
07/29/20 Filings item- The question no one asks about God and Hell SI Filings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Apologetics, Theology Proper, God's Love
07/28/20 Filings item- “It’s possible I misunderstood the GCC elders’ statement. I’m happy to be corrected.” SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Religious Liberty, California, Grace Community Church, John MacArthur
07/28/20 Filings item- Pew: Lukewarm Faith Shrinks as More Say Religion Is Either ‘Very Important’ or ‘Not at All’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends, American Culture, Pew Research
07/28/20 Filings item- 68% of American Adults Are Now ‘Bible Curious’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics American Bible Society, Religious Trends
07/28/20 Filings item- We Don’t Have to Politicize Every Aspect of the Pandemic SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Coronavirus, American Culture, Health
07/28/20 Filings item- Barna: Christian Millennials Are Most Likely Generation to Lean Toward Charismatic Worship SI Filings Worship & Music Barna Research, Contemporary Worship, Worship Music
07/28/20 Article- Why We Should Wait! Paul Henebury Christian Living Patience, Humility, Worship, Providence, Prayer
07/27/20 Filings item- Counseling Children Who Have Professed Faith in Christ SI Filings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Children, Children's Ministry, Parenting, The Gospel