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01/20/23 Filings item- How Our Prayers Reveal Our Theology SI Filings Christian Living Prayer, Sound Doctrine
01/20/23 Filings item- Conservative Baptist Network Report Downplays SBC Sex Abuse Crisis, Raises Alarms About CRT, Feminism, LGBTQ+ SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Conservative Baptist Network, SBC
01/20/23 Filings item- The Age of Anxiety: Understanding our cultural moment and what comes next SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Western Civilization, American Culture, Cultural Trends
01/20/23 Filings item- After Roe, 50th March for Life a turning point for national, state abortion protests SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Pro-Life Movement
01/20/23 Filings item- The Shortcomings of Extroverted Pastors and How to Overcome Them SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Pastoral Leadership, Extroverts, Personality
01/20/23 Article- Four Lessons From Four Years (Part 1) Paul J. Scharf Church & Ministry in General Ministry, Faithfulness, Christian Growth
01/19/23 Bio- Paul Scharf 2023 bio Paul J. Scharf
01/19/23 Filings item- Rest Takes Work SI Filings Christian Living Rest, Christian Living, Time Management
01/19/23 Filings item- Review: I Have a Psychiatric Diagnosis: What Does the Bible Say? SI Filings Theology & Methodology Book Reviews, Mental Illness, Psychology
01/19/23 Filings item- Church of England Bishops Refuse to Allow Same-Sex Marriages SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church of England, Gay Marriage
01/19/23 Filings item- Post-Pandemic, the Rise in Intact Families Continues SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Family, American Culture, Demographics
01/19/23 Filings item- This year marks the first sanctity of human life day since the overturning of Roe SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Sanctity of Life, Roe v. Wade, Abortion, Pro-Life Movement
01/19/23 Article- Still Fruitful: The Value of Senior Saints Forrest McPhail Church & Ministry in General Seniors, Elderly
01/18/23 Filings item- Those Who “Detransition” Are Becoming Impossible to Ignore SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Transgender Politics, LGBTQ, Sexual Ethics, Detransitioners
01/18/23 Filings item- We have lift off again—and wonder SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Science, Technology, Human Nature
01/18/23 Filings item- Trump chides onetime evangelical supporters who haven’t endorsed him SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Evangelical Support of Trump, Loyalty, Donald Trump
01/18/23 Filings item- Podcast: Why did C.S. Lewis think natural law could make us human again? SI Filings Theology & Methodology C.S. Lewis, Natural Law, Worldview
01/18/23 Filings item- Barber says sexual abuse hotline worth the cost SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Ministry Sexual Abuse, SBC, Baptist Associations
01/18/23 Article- Hard Evidence for a Supernatural Book, Part 2: The Bible’s Claims for Itself DOlinger Theology & Methodology Apologetics, Bibliology, Series - Evidence
01/17/23 Filings item- How Should I Dispose of a Bible? SI Filings Christian Living Bible, Superstition, Reverence
01/17/23 Filings item- A Christian View Of Medically Assisted Suicide SI Filings Theology & Methodology Assisted Suicide, Bioethics, Suffering
01/17/23 Filings item- Just War 101: Spurs and Restraints: Overview of jus ad bellum and jus in bello SI Filings Theology & Methodology War, Ethics, Just War
01/17/23 Filings item- A Man Wearing a ‘Jesus Saves’ T-Shirt Is Told By Mall Security to ‘Take It off or Leave’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Mall of America, Religious Liberty
01/17/23 Filings item- Buffalo Bills team chaplain: Prayer that began after Hamlin’s collapse hasn’t stopped SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Sports, Prayer, American Culture
01/16/23 Filings item- It’s 2023 and We Need Blogs More Than Ever SI Filings Christian Living Blogging, Technology
01/16/23 Filings item- Holy Habits Forming the Will SI Filings Theology & Methodology Sanctification, Habits
01/16/23 Filings item- Gallup ethics survey: clergy rank below medical professionals, teachers, cops, and accountants SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Pastoral Credibility, Ethics, American Culture
01/16/23 Filings item- CAIR says Hamline University teacher is not Islamophobic SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Higher Education, CAIR, Academic Freedom, Islam
01/16/23 Filings item- Federal Judge Tosses Challenge to Christian College Exemptions SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, CCCU
01/16/23 Article- From the Archives – Is the 1689 Baptist Confession Sufficiently Missional? Bob Gonzales Theology & Methodology Second London Baptist Confession, Creeds and Confessions, Ecclesiology