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03/01/22 Filings item- Dreaming (and Being Disappointed) to the Glory of God SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work, Happiness, Ambition
03/01/22 Filings item- Does anyone care who John Galt is anymore? SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Will Worship, Ayn Rand, Individualism, Libertarianism
03/01/22 Filings item- SBC’s ‘Racial Reconciliation Sunday’ Condemned by Conservative Baptist Network, Other Leaders SI Filings Church & Ministry in General SBC, Racial Reconciliation, Conservative Baptist Network
03/01/22 Filings item- Pew: Most in the U.S. say young adults today face more challenges than their parents’ generation in some key areas SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics American Culture, Young Adults, Pew Research, Economics
03/01/22 Article- From the Archives – The Greater Sin: Are There Degrees of Sin? (Part 3) Bob Gonzales Theology & Methodology Hamartiology, Series - Degrees of Sin, Unpardonable Sin
02/28/22 Filings item- Christian Universities Need a Reset SI Filings Education Christian Colleges & Seminaries
02/28/22 Filings item- In Mormonism, yesterday’s heresy is today’s orthodoxy SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Mormonism, Cults & Heresies, Women's Issues
02/28/22 Filings item- Maranatha Baptist University CEO Matt Davis Launches On Mission Podcast SI Filings Education Podcasts, Maranatha Baptist University
02/28/22 Filings item- Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson: ‘One can only come this far by faith’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson
02/28/22 Filings item- CPAC Sure Isn't What It Used to Be SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics CPAC, Decline of the Right, Anti-Vaccination, Conspiracy Theories
02/28/22 Filings item- During Sunday Siege, Ukraine’s Churches Persevere SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Ukraine, War
02/28/22 Article- How the Trinity Helps Us in Our Suffering, Part 2 Mark Farnham Christian Living Suffering, Faith, Knowing God, Trinity
02/25/22 Filings item- Dealing with Doubt, Part 3: Trusting Your Friends SI Filings Christian Living Doubt, Trusting God, Logic, Christian Mind
02/25/22 Filings item- There Is a Reason Why You Have That Thorn SI Filings Christian Living Suffering, Adversity, Sovereignty of God
02/25/22 Filings item- 8 Reasons Pastorless Churches Should Consider an Interim Pastor SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Interim Pastors, Pastoral Transitions
02/25/22 Filings item- RZIM Spent Nearly $1M Suing Ravi Zacharias Abuse Victim SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies RZIM, Ravi Zacharias, Ministry Sexual Abuse
02/25/22 Filings item- PRRI Study: About One in Five Americans Agree With the Core Tenets of QAnon SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, American Culture, Anti-Government
02/25/22 Filings item- As Russia Invades Ukraine, Pastors Stay to Serve, Pray … and Resist SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Russia, Ukraine, War, Pastoral Ministry
02/25/22 Article- The Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew (Part 10) Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Hermeneutics, Series - Kingdom Matt, Kingdom of God, Parables
02/24/22 Filings item- Pentagon Approves Deployment of 700 National Guard Troops to D.C. ahead of Expected ‘Freedom Convoy’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Protests, Lawlessness, COVID-19, Rebellion
02/24/22 Filings item- No Instagram or TikTok Without Parental Consent SI Filings Home & Family Parenting, Social Media, Legislation, Technoethics
02/24/22 Filings item- Review: Covenantal and Dispensational Theologies: Four Views on the Continuity of Scripture Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Book Reviews, Hermeneutics, Covenant Theology, Dispensationalism
02/24/22 Filings item- A New Pulpit Bible: Transitioning from NKJV to NASB SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Leadership, English Bible Translations
02/24/22 Article- Is Self-Care Selfish? Stewarding Your Personal Life for Long-Term Ministry (Part 2) Dean Taylor Preaching & Leadership Stewardship, Health, Burnout, Long-Term Pastorate
02/23/22 Filings item- Russia, War in Ukraine, and Christian Confidence SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Russia, Vladimir Putin, War
02/23/22 Filings item- Texas attorney general calls trans surgeries, puberty blockers 'child abuse' in formal opinion SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Child Abuse, Gender Transition, Children, Sexual Ethics
02/23/22 Filings item- Southern Baptist Executive Committee agrees to a resolution with Jennifer Lyell SI Filings Church & Ministry in General SBC, SBC Executive Committee, Ministry Sexual Abuse
02/22/22 Poll- Will the Catholic Church cave in to the LGBTQ agenda? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
02/22/22 Filings item- Why I Decided to Preach Extemporaneously SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Preaching, Sermon Preparation
02/22/22 Filings item- Yes, a cardinal with strong Pope Francis ties said church doctrines on LGBTQ issues are wrong SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies LGBTQ Politics, Roman Catholicism, Sexual Ethics