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02/09/21 Filings item- Southwestern, Baylor Settle With Foundation that Shifted Support After Paige Patterson’s Firing SI Filings Education SBC, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Paige Patterson
02/09/21 Article- Engaging #Exvangelical: Three Tips for Church Leaders Guest Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Church Dropouts, Exvangelicals, Young Adult Ministry
02/08/21 Filings item- What Is Christian Nationalism? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Christian Nationalism, Social Ethics
02/08/21 Filings item- Review of Krom's Justice and Charity: An Introduction to Aquinas’s Moral, Economic, and Political Thought SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Book Review, Thomas Aquinas, Social Ethics, Political Philosophy
02/08/21 Filings item- How to Be Pro-Life in Joe Biden’s America SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Bioethics, Abortion, Pro-Life
02/08/21 Filings item- On Healthy Minds in Troubled Times, Part 5: Focus SI Filings Christian Living Christian Living, Adversity, Suffering, Christian Mind
02/08/21 Filings item- Six Types of Churches That Have Died During the Pandemic SI Filings Church & Ministry in General COVID-19, Church Closings, Failing Churches
02/08/21 Filings item- Two Charlies: Darwin vs. Hodge - An imagined interview with Charles Hodge SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Evolution, Church History, Charles Hodge, Science
02/08/21 Filings item- Mexican Census: Evangelicals at New High, Catholics at New Low SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Mexico, Evangelicals, Religious Trends, Charismatics
02/08/21 Article- Is natural law the answer? TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Religion in Politics, Theology of Politics, Political Philosophy, Natural Law
02/06/21 Forum topic- Divided court allows indoor worship services to resume in California Jim Society, Culture & Politics
02/06/21 Filings item- Supreme Court Lets California Return to Church Indoors SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church COVID Restrictions, California, Supreme Court, Religious Liberty
02/06/21 Filings item- Book Review: Robert W. Yarbrough, The Letters to Timothy and Titus TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Commentaries
02/06/21 Forum topic- "Why creationism bears all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory" RajeshG Society, Culture & Politics
02/05/21 Filings item- A Plea to the PCA on Critical Race Theory SI Filings Church & Ministry in General PCA, Critical Race Theory, Race Relations
02/05/21 Filings item- In a ‘dark, dark time,’ Biden urges a turn to faith at National Prayer Breakfast SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Joe Biden, National Prayer Breakfast
02/05/21 Filings item- The Why of Modesty SI Filings Christian Living Modesty, Humility, Sexual Ethics
02/05/21 Filings item- “At least 20 cities in the Southeast have grown more post-Christian, some of them dramatically” SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Religious Trends, American Culture
02/05/21 Filings item- JD Greear urges pastors not to call VP Kamala Harris ‘Jezebel,' but to pray for her SI Filings Christian Living J.D. Greear, Kamala Harris
02/05/21 Filings item- Israeli Archaeologists Find First Purple Fabric from King David’s Era SI Filings Church & Biblical History Archaeology
02/05/21 Article- Get Ready for the Great Reset (Part 3) Paul J. Scharf Theology & Methodology Eschatology, End Times, World Economic Forum, Series - Reset
02/04/21 Filings item- “Pentecostal snake handlers are increasingly calling on doctors for help when they get bitten while handling venomous snakes instead of simply praying that they don’t die.” Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Charismatics, Snake-handling, Faith Healing
02/04/21 Filings item- Joseph's Weeping: 7 Strategically Arranged Scenes in Genesis SI Filings Bible Passages Genesis, Joseph, Chiasmus
02/04/21 Poll- Do Personal (Premarital) Inventory Tests Really Improve Marriages? Ed Vasicek Home & Family
02/04/21 Filings item- “...vocation–not just as a treatment of ‘jobs’ but as a theology of the everyday Christian life–is being rediscovered” SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Books, Theology of Work, Vocation
02/04/21 Filings item- The God Who Is There SI Filings Theology & Methodology Francis Schaeffer, Worldview, Truth
02/04/21 Filings item- “I lived in an alternate universe during 1972 and 1973, so I know ideological addiction.” SI Filings Christian Living Marvin Olasky, Discernment, Conspiracy Theories, Christian Mind
02/04/21 Article- From the Archives – Finding Happiness in Difficult Times Ed Vasicek Christian Living Joy, Happiness, Contentment, Adversity
02/03/21 Filings item- The Prosperous Lifestyle of America’s Anti-Prosperity Gospel Preacher TylerR Church & Ministry in General John MacArthur, Prosperity Gospel
02/03/21 Filings item- Beauty Can Teach Us the Art of Living Well SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Beauty, American Culture, Character, The Arts