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06/03/21 Filings item- Beyond nationalism and globalism: Jesus points to another kingdom SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Nationalism, Christian Nationalism, Globalism
06/03/21 Filings item- How the News Disrupts Our Belonging SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing News Media, Christian Mind, Discernment, Books
06/03/21 Article- Gospel Tracts Don’t Work: Agree or Disagree? Guest Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Gospel Tracts, Evangelism
06/02/21 Filings item- Five Reasons to Pastor an Old Church, Even With All Its Problems SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Leadership, Old Churches, Church Planting
06/02/21 Filings item- The unofficial Voices irreverent guide to #SBC21 SI Filings Church & Ministry in General SBC, Conferences, Baptist Associations
06/02/21 Filings item- Ex-nanny of former Hillsong NYC pastor Carl Lentz accuses him of sexual misconduct SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Hillsong, Carl Lentz, Celebrity Pastors
06/02/21 Filings item- Never Bend These 10 Children’s Ministry Guidelines SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Children's Ministry, Church Sexual Abuse, Ministry Volunteers
06/02/21 Filings item- Gen Z lost touch with faith communities during pandemic but kept the faith, says study SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Generation Z, Coronavirus
06/01/21 Filings item- Learning from History: Orwell’s (Prophetic) Proposed Preface to Animal Farm and Freedom in Society SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics George Orwell, Culture War, Christian Mind
06/01/21 Filings item- Five Ways Designated Giving Can Get Your Church in Trouble SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church Finance, Giving
06/01/21 Filings item- Kentucky to Baptist Kids Agency: Place Kids in LGBTQ Homes or Lose Your Funding SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics LGBTQ Politics, Sexual Ethics, Family Life, Adoption
06/01/21 Filings item- Seven Ways to Improve Your Church’s Observance of the Lord’s Table SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Lord's Supper, Communion, Church Life
06/01/21 Filings item- How the Gospel Should Shape Our Political Posture SI Filings Christian Living The Gospel, Christian Mind, Politics
05/31/21 Forum topic- Central Baptist Theological Seminary Launches New Program W. T. O'Harver Education
05/31/21 Article- Review of ‘Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels’ by Richard Hays Paul Henebury Books, Reading & Writing Book Review, The Gospels, Hermeneutics
05/31/21 Forum topic- Meaning of “one flesh” Dan Miller Theology & Methodology
05/31/21 Article- When Heroes Abounded Paul J. Scharf Society, Culture & Politics Memorial Day, Remembering, WWII
05/28/21 Filings item- I’m Not All That Impressed with Exvangelical Deconstruction Stories SI Filings Home & Family Deconversion, Apostasy, Family Life
05/28/21 Filings item- Pew: Religious Americans are less likely to endorse legal marijuana for recreational use SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Pew Research, Legalized Marijuana
05/28/21 Filings item- High school backs down after opposing Christian language in student's graduation speech SI Filings Education Public Schools, Religious Liberty, Freedom of Speech
05/28/21 Filings item- Balancing Our Uneasy Relationship with Technology After the Pandemic SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Ministry Technology, Post-Coronavirus
05/28/21 Filings item- Church Decline and Recovery During COVID-19, Part 2 SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church Attendance, Coronavirus, Post-Coronavirus
05/28/21 Filings item- Televangelist Jim Bakker blames his 1989 imprisonment for fraud on ‘cancel culture’ SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Jim Bakker, Televangelism, Cancel Culture
05/28/21 Article- Sensing God’s Glory in the Church Paul J. Scharf Church & Ministry in General Conference on Church for God's Glory
05/27/21 Filings item- What Do Americans Actually Think About the Equality Act and Religious Liberty? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Equality Act, LGBTQ Politics, Religious Liberty, Polls
05/27/21 Filings item- Why capitalism is worth conserving (and its new populist critics on the right are wrong) SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Capitalism, Economic Freedom
05/27/21 Filings item- Baptists and Calvinism: Lessons from Sprague’s Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit SI Filings Church & Biblical History Calvinism, Church History
05/27/21 Filings item- On the Fruit of the Spirit, Part 9: Gentleness SI Filings Christian Living Fruit of the Spirit, Gentleness, Criticism
05/27/21 Filings item- Wheaton’s New Jim Elliot Plaque Does More Than Remove ‘Savage’ SI Filings Education Wheaton College, Jim Elliot, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
05/27/21 Article- Social Disconnection: Why Many Stay Home Sunday Mornings Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General Church Attendance, Individualism