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04/02/07 Filings item- Former Episcopal Bishop Now A Roman Catholic Pastor Joe Roof Filings
04/02/07 Filings item- Clearwater Christian College Recognized As One Of The Best Pastor Joe Roof Filings
04/02/07 Article- Tips for Survival in the Service of the Savior, Part 1 Joel Tetreau Christian Living, Pastors
04/01/07 Filings item- Rick Warren vs. Sam Harris Dan Burrell Filings
03/31/07 Filings item- God and Poll Numbers Dan Burrell Filings
03/30/07 Filings item- Chris Sligh Opens Up Dan Burrell Filings
03/30/07 Filings item- Bob vs. Fundy MSM Jason Janz Filings
03/30/07 Article- Showered with Stones or Grace? Joy Wagner Christian Living, Counseling
03/29/07 Filings item- A Funny Filing Pastor Joe Roof Filings
03/29/07 Filings item- Spike Of Persecution In India Pastor Joe Roof Filings
03/29/07 Article- Book Review—The Great Gain of Godliness: A Puritan Gem! Greg Linscott Christian Living, Books & Publishing
03/28/07 Filings item- Thoughts For Palm Sunday Pastor Joe Roof Filings
03/28/07 Article- Not Many Wise Here Beth M Christian Living
03/27/07 Filings item- The Sword of the Lord Challenges the Christian "Blogosphere" Dan Burrell Filings
03/27/07 Article- The Use of Scripture in Theology, Part 2 Kevin T. Bauder Bibliology, In The Nick of Time
03/26/07 Filings item- Homosexual "Soulforce" Protestors Arrested at Southern Seminary Dan Burrell Filings
03/26/07 Article- Islamic View of Jesus Warren Vanhetloo Cults & Heresies, Islam
03/24/07 Filings item- North Carolina Town Draws Protestors Over Permit Requirement to Preach on Streets Dan Burrell Filings
03/23/07 Filings item- The Case for Teaching the Bible Dan Burrell Filings
03/23/07 Filings item- Megachurch Pastor, Jerry Johnston's Radio Show Dropped Dan Burrell Filings
03/23/07 Filings item- Tony Dungy: 'I Embrace' Same-Sex Marriage Ban Dan Burrell Filings
03/23/07 Article- Christian Law Association—The SharperIron Interview | Part 4—Terri Schiavo Jason Janz Front page article archive Interviews, Podcast, Audio, Terri Schiavo, Bioethics
03/22/07 Filings item- American Idol Sports 4 Professing Believers Dan Burrell Filings
03/22/07 Filings item- Mennonites Forced to Move Out of State Dan Burrell Filings
03/21/07 Filings item- Interview with Noel Piper mebrock Filings
03/21/07 Filings item- Concerns about Transplant Ethics Violations mebrock Euthanasia, Filings
03/21/07 Filings item- Mandatory Ultrasounds before Abortions in SC? mebrock Abortion, Filings
03/21/07 Article- Paul at Athens: Observations for Apologetics M. Osborne Christian Living, Apologetics
03/20/07 Filings item- Chris Sligh and His Christian Fans Dan Burrell Filings
03/20/07 Filings item- Students Indoctrinated, or Taught Critical Thinking? mebrock Filings