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01/05/09 Filings item- The Decline of Christian Science SharperIron Cults & Heresies, Filings
01/05/09 Filings item- Mourning Playboy's Demise SharperIron Filings, Internet, Current Issues
01/05/09 Filings item- Living Like Jesus? SharperIron Evangelicalism, Filings
01/05/09 Article- Brazil Missions Trip ’09 Aaron Blumer Missions, SharperIron
01/02/09 Filings item- Encouraging A Burned-Out Pastor Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/02/09 Filings item- Top 10 Religion Stories Impacting Evangelicals & Fundamentalists in '08 Aaron Blumer Filings
01/02/09 Filings item- Pondering Thoughts on Deputation Adam Blumer Filings
01/02/09 Filings item- Few US Docs Favor Right of Conscience Aaron Blumer Filings
01/02/09 Article- An Unsafe God Pastor Dan Miller Christian Living, Fiction
01/01/09 Filings item- Humanists Sue to Alter Oath of Office Aaron Blumer Filings
01/01/09 Filings item- Top Theology Stories Of 2008? Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/01/09 Article- Top 10 Religion Stories Impacting Evangelicals and Fundamentalists in 2008 Dan Burrell Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, Current Issues
12/31/08 Filings item- Sign of the Times SharperIron Filings
12/31/08 Article- Merry Christmas from Tom Mount mounty Christmas
12/30/08 Filings item- Religion & New Year's Resolutions Aaron Blumer Filings
12/30/08 Filings item- Prayer at Inaugurations Unconstitutional? Aaron Blumer Filings
12/30/08 Filings item- "We can, and do, gladly cooperate with friends outside of the evangelical heritage on common causes; but in no case do we intend to alter our clear distinction as unwaveringly grounded in evangelical theology." SharperIron Filings
12/30/08 Article- Merry Christmas from the Steve Davis Family Steve Davis Christmas
12/29/08 Filings item- Karl Rove Blogs About Bush's Reading Habits Aaron Blumer Filings
12/29/08 Filings item- Ten Years of Change in US Churches SharperIron Filings
12/29/08 Article- Merry Christmas from the Jason Button Family Greg Linscott Front page article archive Christmas
12/28/08 Filings item- Religion and Public Life in '08 Aaron Blumer Filings
12/27/08 Article- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tetreaus in sunny Arizona! 2008 Joel Tetreau Christmas
12/26/08 Filings item- Janz's Church in the News Again Aaron Blumer Filings
12/26/08 Article- Merry Christmas from the Ken Raber Family Greg Linscott Christmas
12/23/08 Filings item- Vatican Says Galileo Was A Good Guy After All Aaron Blumer Filings
12/23/08 Filings item- Churches Filing Chapter 11 SharperIron Filings
12/23/08 Article- The Christian Christmas Kevin T. Bauder Christmas, In The Nick of Time
12/22/08 Article- Christmas Letter from the Aaron Blumer Family Aaron Blumer Christmas
12/22/08 Filings item- New Pew Survey: Half of US Christians Believe Many Ways to Heaven Aaron Blumer Filings