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02/04/09 Filings item- Rockford Church Announces 7th Annual Conference Aaron Blumer Filings
02/04/09 Filings item- Habitat for Humanity Founder Dies Aaron Blumer Filings
02/04/09 Filings item- Tony Campolo: Don't Call Us Evangelicals Aaron Blumer Evangelicalism, Politics, Filings
02/04/09 Article- Eleven Days in Northeast Brazil Aaron Blumer Christian Living, Missions
02/03/09 Filings item- Tampa Tribune Distributes 56,500 Bibles Aaron Blumer Filings
02/03/09 Filings item- N. Korea Ranked Worst Persecuter of Christians Aaron Blumer Filings, Persecution
02/03/09 Filings item- Awana Partners with AIM for Missions Efforts Aaron Blumer Filings
02/03/09 Article- Directions in Evangelicalism, Part 6 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
02/02/09 Filings item- Children's Society: Parents Are Just Too Selfish Aaron Blumer Parenting, Filings
02/02/09 Filings item- Is Mega-Church Televangelism Coming To An End? Pastor Joe Roof Filings
02/02/09 Article- Has Fundamentalism Become Secularized, Part 5 Mark Farnham Christian Living, Fundamentalism
02/01/09 Filings item- Group Caught with Bibles, Kicked out of Sudan Aaron Blumer Filings, Persecution
02/01/09 Article- Help Wanted: Book Reviews Editor Aaron Blumer Books & Publishing, SharperIron
01/31/09 Filings item- George Beverly Shea Celebrates 100th Birthday On 2/1/09 Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/30/09 Filings item- SC Bill Requires 24 Hour Wait for Abortions SharperIron Abortion, Filings
01/30/09 Filings item- A Speed Bump in the 'Gay Agenda' Aaron Blumer Filings
01/30/09 Article- Lincoln and Darwin, Part 2 Douglas K. Kutilek Christian Living
01/29/09 Filings item- Most Religious State? Aaron Blumer Filings
01/29/09 Filings item- Obama to Appoint Pastor to Faith-Based Office Aaron Blumer Filings
01/29/09 Filings item- Evangelists Honor Jerry Sivinsky For 40 Years Of Ministry Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/29/09 Filings item- National Leadership Conference To Focus On "Ministering God's Truth In A Broken World" Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/29/09 Article- Book Review: The Centurion's Wife Adam Blumer Books & Publishing, Fiction
01/28/09 Filings item- Russian Orthodox & Catholics Together? Aaron Blumer Ecumenism, Filings
01/28/09 Filings item- Some Christians in China Fight Back Aaron Blumer Filings
01/28/09 Filings item- Crystal Cathedral Laying Off Employees And Selling Property Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/28/09 Article- Lincoln and Darwin, Part 1 Douglas K. Kutilek Christian Living, Evolution, Creation
01/27/09 Filings item- SBC Baptists React to Pastor Julie Aaron Blumer Filings
01/27/09 Filings item- Religious Leaders Praise Obama on Torture & Gitmo SharperIron Filings
01/27/09 Filings item- "Evolution Sunday" - Pastors Celebrate Darwin? Aaron Blumer Filings
01/27/09 Filings item- Evolution Zealots & Skeptics Battle on Over Curriculum in TX Aaron Blumer Filings