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12/18/20 Filings item- On Benedictions, Part 1: He Who Is Able SI Filings Christian Living Perseverance of the Saints, Benedictions
12/18/20 Filings item- Christian Nationalism vs. Christian Patriotism SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Nationalism, Patriotism, Trumpism
12/18/20 Article- Light in the Darkness: A Series for Advent Part Three – Starlight Paul J. Scharf Theology & Methodology Christmas, Holidays, Advent, Bethlehem Star
12/17/20 Filings item- Best Books for Pastors in 2020 SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Pastoral Leadership, Books, Reading
12/17/20 Filings item- Not Guilty by Reason of Poverty SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Poverty, Justice, Crime
12/17/20 Filings item- Study: About 1/3 of young adults are religiously unaffiliated ("nones") SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends
12/17/20 Filings item- Infographic: The People, Places, and Timeline of the First Christmas SI Filings Church & Biblical History Christmas
12/17/20 Article- Law and Gospel: Seeing the Narrow Contrast Bob Gonzales Theology & Methodology Law and Gospel, Law and Grace, Soteriology
12/16/20 Filings item- “Mohler argues the vaccine should not present a moral dilemma to Christians” SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Vaccination, Anti-Vaccination, Coronavirus, Bioethics
12/16/20 Filings item- Why Our Childrens Ministries Should Be More Like Mr. Rogers and Less Like Disney SI Filings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Children's Ministry, Edutainment
12/16/20 Filings item- The Consensus Best Books of 2020 SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing
12/16/20 Filings item- The Sufficiency of Scripture and Resolution 9 SI Filings Theology & Methodology Sufficiency of Scripture, Critical Race Theory, SBC, Bibliology
12/16/20 Filings item- National Cathedral tolls bell 300 times as United States passes 300,000 COVID-19 deaths SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Coronavirus, Health
12/16/20 Filings item- The Cult of Christian Trumpism SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Cults & Heresies, Celebrity Idols, Trumpism
12/16/20 Filings item- Justices order review of Colorado, New Jersey worship limits SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Coronavirus, Church COVID Restrictions, Supreme Court, Religious Liberty
12/15/20 Filings item- Thoughts on My Anxiety (Part One) SI Filings Christian Living Anxiety, Mental Health
12/15/20 Filings item- AGTV: A New Bible-based Streaming Network SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Television, Video Streaming
12/15/20 Filings item- Should We Cite Mental Health as a Reason to Lift CoViD Restrictions? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Coronavirus, Mental Health, Quarantine
12/15/20 Filings item- John Piper: Christians who insist on marrying nonbelievers should be excommunicated SI Filings Christian Living Church Discipline, Marriage, Unequal Yoke
12/15/20 Filings item- TGC Editorial Staff: Books We Enjoyed in 2020 SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing, Book Review
12/15/20 Filings item- Anti-trafficking ministry Exodus Cry celebrates victory over Pornhub SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Pornography, Child Exploitation, Human Trafficking
12/15/20 Article- Jesus the Jew – A Short Diatribe Paul Henebury Church & Biblical History Jewish History, Jewish Roots, Jewishness of Scripture
12/14/20 Filings item- Is the Music of Western Civilization White Supremacist? A Christian Response SI Filings Worship & Music Western Civilization, White Supremacy, Classical Music
12/14/20 Filings item- A Word of Hope for the Exhausted SI Filings Christian Living Hope, Spiritual Fatigue, Weariness
12/14/20 Filings item- A New Argument for the Date of Jesus’ Birth SI Filings Church & Biblical History Incarnation, Chronology, Christmas
12/14/20 Filings item- Most National Assoc. of Evangelicals board members say Bible does not forbid all civil lawsuits between Christians SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Litigation, Lawsuits, NAE
12/14/20 Article- Killing the lecture! A better way for preaching? TylerR Preaching & Leadership Abraham Kuruvilla, Expository Preaching
12/13/20 Forum topic- What is An Evangelical? Ron Bean Church & Ministry in General
12/12/20 Filings item- Dr. Matthew Davis Announced as New Chief Executive Officer of Maranatha Baptist Univ. SI Filings Education Maranatha Baptist University, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
12/12/20 Filings item- Should Pastors Speak Up About the COVID-19 Vaccine? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Vaccination, Coronavirus, Bioethics, Discernment