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02/27/21 Forum topic- James White recently shifted his eschatology to postmillennialism. He explains ... Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
02/26/21 Poll- What Do Daniel 3:5, 7, 10, and 15 Reveal about Worship Music? RajeshG Worship & Music
02/26/21 Filings item- The creeping radicalization of white evangelicals SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Evangelicals, Right Wing Extremism, Radicalization
02/26/21 Filings item- “Spurgeon understood that depression isn’t always logical and its cause is not always clear.” SI Filings Christian Living Depression, Mental Health, C. H. Spurgeon
02/26/21 Filings item- United Methodists reschedule meeting — and decision on splitting — again SI Filings Church & Ministry in General United Methodists, Mainline Denominations, UMC Split
02/26/21 Filings item- Jeremiah Johnson suspends online ministry after inaccurately prophesying Trump 2nd term SI Filings Church & Ministry in General False Prophecy
02/26/21 Article- Get Ready for the Great Reset (Part 4) Paul J. Scharf Theology & Methodology Series - Reset, Economics, End Times
02/25/21 Filings item- Equality Act Passes House, Likely to Face Opposition in Senate SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Equality Act, LGBTQ Politics, Religious Liberty
02/25/21 Filings item- An overview of the light travel time problem, how creationists have addressed it, and the dasha solution SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Science, Creation, Age of the Earth
02/25/21 Filings item- More Americans Than Ever Identify as LGBTQ: Gallup SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics LGBTQ Politics, American Culture, Sexual Ethics
02/25/21 Filings item- More than 500 evangelicals, other faith leaders condemn religion at Jan 6 insurrection as ‘heretical’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Trump Riot, Christian Nationalism, Radical Right
02/25/21 Filings item- SBC pastor in NYC calls for ‘repudiation’ of report finding ERLC a threat to funding SI Filings Church & Ministry in General SBC, ERLC, SBC Executive Committee
02/25/21 Filings item- Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Preach the Gospel to Change Culture SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Culture War, The Gospel, Martin Lloyd-Jones
02/25/21 Article- How Shall We Confess the Faith? Strict vs Substantial Subscription (Part 1) Bob Gonzales Theology & Methodology Statements of Faith, Creeds and Confessions
02/24/21 Filings item- R.C. Sproule on What Is Hell? SI Filings Theology & Methodology Hell, Divine Judgment
02/24/21 Filings item- The Power of Thanking God for What He Hasn’t Done SI Filings Christian Living Christian Mind, Thankfulness, Faith, God's Faithfulness
02/24/21 Filings item- "Legislating morality?" Thoughts on law and moral culture SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Natural Law, Political Philosophy, Common Good
02/24/21 Filings item- Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Nones, Church Dropouts
02/24/21 Filings item- A Q&A with delisted author Ryan T. Anderson about Big Tech censorship SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Amazon, Corporate Censorship, Books, Transgender Politics
02/24/21 Filings item- Southern Baptists Expel Two More Churches Over Abuse SI Filings Church & Ministry in General SBC, Church Sexual Abuse
02/23/21 Filings item- In Our Discipling Relationships, Best-Sellers Are Great . . . But the Bible Is Best SI Filings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Books, Discipleship
02/23/21 Filings item- A Conversation with Dane Ortlund about Gentle and Lowly SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Meekness, Books, Gentleness
02/23/21 Filings item- Supreme Court declines $100M Episcopal Church property case, lets breakaway diocese's victory stand SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Episcopal Church, Separation, LGBTQ Politics, Mainline Denominations
02/23/21 Event- Conference on the Church for God's Glory SharperIron
02/23/21 Filings item- On Certsitude, Part 1: “You’re Both Right!” SI Filings Christian Living Christian Mind, Debate, Listening
02/23/21 Filings item- Greear decries division, repudiates pharisaical spirit in SBC address TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Southern Baptist Convention
02/23/21 Filings item- Thinking About a Pastor in a Canadian Jail SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church COVID Restrictions, Canada, Civil Disobedience, Religious Liberty
02/23/21 Article- Peoples and Languages, Not Political Boundaries Forrest McPhail Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions, Languages
02/22/21 Bio- Forrest McPhail Bio Forrest McPhail
02/22/21 Filings item- No, Rush Limbaugh Did Not Hijack Your Parents’ Christianity TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Rush Limbaugh, Christian Nationalism