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09/12/19 Filings item- Is There Any Heavenly Good in Our Earthly Labor? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work
09/12/19 Filings item- “I told my students to use 'Baptist' if it was an advantage and to not use it if it was a disadvantage.” SI Filings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Church Planting, Church Names
09/12/19 Filings item- A Pastor Dies By Suicide: Three Things We All Need to Know SI Filings Christian Living Suicide, Pastoral Leadership, Pastoral Failure
09/12/19 Filings item- The problem of living inside echo chambers SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Intellectual Growth, Clear Thinking, Epistemology
09/12/19 Filings item- Jerry Falwell Jr's Aides Break Their Silence SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Jerry Falwell Jr.
09/13/19 Article- Music in the Bible and the Contemporary Music Styles Debate (Part 2) TylerR Worship & Music Gregg Strawbridge, Christian Music, Series - Music in the Bible
09/13/19 Filings item- Evangelicals Who Distrust Muslims Likely Don’t Know Muslims SI Filings Christian Living Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Muslims
09/13/19 Filings item- Veggie Tales Reboot, but with the Gospel This Time SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Television, Veggie Tales
09/13/19 Filings item- Thousands of Swedes Are Implanting Microchips into Their Hands – “Sign of the Antichrist?” SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Technology, Bioethics, Mark of the Beast
09/13/19 Filings item- 5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, California, Bioethics
09/13/19 Filings item- Is faith in politics “another Gospel”? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Church & State, Martin Luther, The Law, Idolatry
09/14/19 Filings item- Updated: Michael D. Aeschliman’s 1983 book, “The Restoration of Man: C. S. Lewis and the Continuing Case against Scientism” Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Scientism, Idolatry, C.S. Lewis, Books
09/14/19 Filings item- Doug Wilson's broadside against David French and ... whatever it is he thinks French believes Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Doug Wilson, David French, Religious Liberty
09/16/19 Article- What Is the Gospel? The Power and Peril of Short Gospel Definitions Aaron Blumer Christian Living The Gospel, Worldview, Meaning of Life
09/16/19 Filings item- Correction from the Pulpit or In Person? SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Leadership, Preaching, Confrontation
09/16/19 Filings item- When You Want to Stay at Home with Kids But Can’t SI Filings Home & Family Parenting, Family Life, Money, Affluence
09/16/19 Filings item- Is American Christianity on Its Last Legs? The Data Say Otherwise. SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Religious Trends, American Christianity, Books
09/16/19 Filings item- What Not To Say at the Beginning of a Worship Service SI Filings Worship & Music Worship, Popular Culture
09/16/19 Filings item- Duke University’s student government rejects Young Life over LGBTQ policies SI Filings Education LGBTQ, Anti-Christian Bigotry, Higher Education
09/16/19 Event- Refresh Conference 2020 SharperIron
09/16/19 Event- BJU Bible Conference 2020 SharperIron
09/17/19 Article- A Biblical Teleological Argument for Identity, Sex, and Sexuality, Part 1 Christopher Cone Theology & Methodology LGBTQ, Sexual Ethics, Series - Cone LGBTQ, Anthropology
09/17/19 Filings item- Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Philadelphia: Arizona Supreme Court delivers a victory against government-compelled speech SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Freedom of Speech, Religious Liberty, Gay Marriage
09/17/19 Filings item- How Your Work Affects Your Relationship with God: An Interview with Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work, Books
09/17/19 Filings item- The cosmic battle for economics: Toppling ideological idols with Christian wisdom SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Economics, Worldview, Books
09/17/19 Filings item- Worship That Smells: Calvin on Genesis 8 SI Filings Worship & Music Worship, John Calvin
09/17/19 Poll- Is the evangelical/conservative church in America growing, declining, or holding its own? Ed Vasicek Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
09/18/19 Article- A Biblical Teleological Argument for Identity, Sex, and Sexuality, Part 2 Christopher Cone Theology & Methodology Series - Cone LGBTQ, Sexual Ethics, LGBTQ
09/18/19 Filings item- 5 facts about the U.S. Constitution SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics U.S. Constitution
09/18/19 Forum topic- What do you confess to the plants in your life? Jim Other Issues & Controversies