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07/10/06 Filings item- Compare and Contrast Greg Linscott Music, Filings, Worship
07/10/06 Filings item- "When you consult the books, you do not find more reasons to be a moderate or a liberal. You find more reasons to be a fundamentalist." Greg Linscott Atheism, Filings, Fundamentalism
07/10/06 Filings item- "The vast majority of pastors describe their church as theologically conservative and effective at disciple-making, but a minority of churchgoers has developed a biblical worldview. " Greg Linscott Filings, Pastors
07/10/06 Filings item- Rick Warren Speaking in North Korea Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings, Rick Warren
07/10/06 Filings item- 1 in 5 adults Attend House Churches Greg Linscott Filings, Church & Ministry
07/10/06 Article- IBC Completes First Dorm Michael Collins Fundamentalism, Education
07/10/06 Filings item- English Bible Text Debate Forum is Closed Greg Linscott Filings, Bible Versions, SharperIron
07/11/06 Article- Concerning the New Perspective on Paul: FBFI Resolution 06-02 SharperIron FBFI, New Perspective on Paul, N. T. Wright, Theology
07/11/06 Article- The New Perspective on Paul: "What Saint Paul Really Said"? SharperIron FBFI, N. T. Wright, Theology
07/11/06 Filings item- "By maintaining our distinct Regular Baptist identity, we have the greatest ministry platform from which we are able to make a contribution for truth within the harvest field of this world." Greg Linscott GARBC, Filings, Fundamentalism
07/11/06 Filings item- MySpace Becomes #1 Most Visited US Site Greg Linscott Filings, Blogging, Internet
07/12/06 Article- Concerning the Integrated Church Movement: FBFI Resolution 06-03 SharperIron FBFI, Family Integrated Church, Theology
07/12/06 Article- The Integrated Church Movement: Viable Church Polity or False Teaching? SharperIron FBFI, Family Integrated Church, Theology
07/12/06 Filings item- "What is happening in American evangelical Christianity is both a changing of the guard and the emergence of a younger constituency with different ideas." Greg Linscott Politics, Filings
07/13/06 Article- Concerning Global Warming and the Environment: FBFI Resolution 06-04 SharperIron FBFI, Global Warming
07/13/06 Article- Global Warming SharperIron FBFI, Global Warming
07/13/06 Filings item- "If you are truly a follower of Jesus Christ, then you must choose Jesus and you must turn your back on that guy." Greg Linscott Filings, Separation
07/13/06 Filings item- Jack Schaap/FBC Hammond make Top 50 Most Influential (US) Churches Greg Linscott Filings, Church & Ministry, Fundamentalism
07/13/06 Filings item- Michael W. Smith Headlines Tennessee Temple's 2006 "College Days" Greg Linscott Filings, Fundamentalism
07/13/06 Filings item- "Dan Brown was able to make a viscerally (if not logically) powerful argument for Mary Magdalene as Christ's premier disciple not simply because Da Vinci painted an idol, but because the church has embraced Da Vinci's idol for centuries." Greg Linscott The Da Vinci Code, Filings
07/14/06 Article- Concerning Praying in Jesus' Name: FBFI Resolution 06-05 SharperIron FBFI, Theology
07/14/06 Article- A Sovereign Mandate SharperIron FBFI, Theology
07/14/06 Article- Praying in Jesus' Name SharperIron FBFI, Theology
07/14/06 Filings item- "If you're married to clergy do you have to host church teas?" Greg Linscott Gender Roles, Filings, Pastors
07/14/06 Filings item- You Want to Be a Pastor? Be Something Else First Greg Linscott Filings, Pastors
07/14/06 Filings item- "It strikes me that a number of younger evangelicals are fed up with the cultural system called "evangelicalism," because it appears to identify certain issues as central to the Gospel which are actually not biblical or doctrinal issues at all." Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings
07/14/06 Article- GARBC 2006 Kevin T. Bauder GARBC, In The Nick of Time
07/14/06 Filings item- Debates About Words and Godless Chatter Greg Linscott Filings, Blogging
07/14/06 Filings item- Rick Warren: The New Charles Finney Greg Linscott Filings, Rick Warren
07/14/06 Filings item- "Never was there an opportunity for conservative evangelical or fundamental churches to seize the trend and advance the cause of Christ by being among the first to flesh out Biblically-mandated, Spirit-dependant ministry while 'riding the wave.'" Greg Linscott Filings, Church & Ministry