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05/16/07 Article- Book Review—The Scriptures, the Cross, & the Power of God Anthony Hayden Books & Publishing, Christology
05/15/07 Filings item- Jerry Falwell With The Lord Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/15/07 Filings item- Jerry Falwell Rushed To The Hospital - Found Unresponsive In His Office Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/15/07 Article- Musings About Accreditation Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time, Education
05/14/07 Filings item- Grateful Dead Themes in New "Classical" Symphony mebrock Music, Filings
05/14/07 Article- They Called Her “Mom” Addy Forrest Women's Issues, Entertaining, Perfectionism
05/12/07 Filings item- Mother's Day Snares mebrock Parenting, Filings
05/12/07 Filings item- Missionaries' Letters to Mothers mebrock Parenting, Filings
05/11/07 Article- Robert Delnay—The SharperIron Interview | Part 3—Keswick View of Sanctification Jason Janz Theology & Methodology Sanctification, Keswick, Interviews, Podcast, Audio, Robert Delnay
05/10/07 Filings item- Federal Appeals Court Hears "Million Dollar Tract" Case Dan Burrell Filings
05/10/07 Filings item- Beth Horn's Cancer Treatments Revealed Dan Burrell Filings
05/10/07 Article- Book Review—William Wilberforce Todd Wood Books & Publishing, Church History
05/09/07 Filings item- Archaeologists Unearth King Herod's Tomb Adam Blumer Filings
05/09/07 Filings item- Churches Reversing The Tithe Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/09/07 Article- The Resurrection Body of Christ the Lord, Part 4 SharperIron Christian Living, Easter
05/08/07 Filings item- Man Fired for Playing Bible Verse over PA Dan Burrell Filings
05/08/07 Filings item- Son of Sam Killer Gives Interview on His New Life in Christ Dan Burrell Filings
05/08/07 Article- Can You Believe It? Kevin T. Bauder Politics, In The Nick of Time
05/07/07 Filings item- Some Brief Words on the Zichterman Issue Jason Janz Filings
05/07/07 Article- Why Stay in Fundamentalism? Aaron Blumer Church-Growth Movement, Emergent Church, Fundamentalism
05/06/07 Filings item- Debate on God's Existence to be Held on Nightline Dan Burrell Filings
05/04/07 Article- Thanks from Greg and Jennifer Greg Linscott SharperIron
05/03/07 Filings item- Center for Reclaiming America Closes Dan Burrell Filings
05/03/07 Filings item- Pray for Beth Horn Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/03/07 Article- Marketing Gimmick or Means of Grace? Part 3 Greg Linscott Church & Ministry, Small Groups
05/02/07 Article- The Resurrection Body of Christ the Lord, Part 3 SharperIron Christian Living, Easter
05/01/07 Filings item- BJU's Renaissance Place On Hold For Now Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/01/07 Filings item- National Day Of Prayer Not Endorsed By NY Governor Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/01/07 Article- Book Review—Solving the Romans Debate Z. Stewart MacLean Books & Publishing, Bibliology
04/30/07 Article- Has Fundamentalism Become Secularized? Part 1 Mark Farnham Fundamentalism