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09/26/18 Article- 18 in '18: An Adventure in Weight Loss Aaron Blumer Christian Living Health, Stewardship, Physical Fitness, Self-Improvement
11/21/18 Article- From the Archives: Five Ways to Beat Bitterness: #1 – Worship Aaron Blumer Christian Living Bitterness, Worship, Meditation, Thankfulness
12/26/18 Article- Audio Book Review: Nancy Pearcey’s Finding Truth Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Audio Books, Book Review, Apologetics
01/21/19 Article- Can We Be Discerning Without Being Judgmental? Aaron Blumer Christian Living Judgmentalism, Discernment
02/26/19 Article- Resources for Better Understanding, Preventing and Responding to Sexual Abuse Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Church Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse
02/25/19 Article- What Should Independent Churches Do in Response to the Sexual Abuse Problem? Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Church Sexual Abuse, Sexual Abuse
03/08/19 Article- From the Archives – Hey, I'm Just Being Honest! Aaron Blumer Christian Living Tact, Honesty, Transparency
03/11/19 Article- Can Anything a Human Does Be Morally Neutral? A Look at 1 Corinthians 8:8 (Part 1) Aaron Blumer Bible Passages 1 Corinthians 8, 1 Corinthians 8:8, Morality, Amorality
04/03/19 Article- Book Review – Plantinga's Where the Conflict Really Lies: Science, Religion, and Naturalism Aaron Blumer Theology & Methodology Alvin Plantinga, Naturalism, Methodological Naturalism, Atheism, Worldview, Philosophy, Science
05/07/19 Article- The Bible and "Gay Christians"—Are We Sending the Right Message? Aaron Blumer Christian Living Same-sex Attraction, Sexual Ethics, Temptation, Homosexuality
06/04/19 Article- Is the Bible Anti-Intellectual? Aaron Blumer Christian Living Anti-intellectualism, Clear Thinking, Heart, Sentimentalism
06/20/19 Article- From the Archives – Toward Arguing Better Aaron Blumer Christian Living Debate, Clear Thinking, Argumentation, Thinking
06/24/19 Article- The Pursuit of Excellence: It’s for Ministry, Not Just for Business Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Philosophy of Ministry, Excellence
07/09/19 Article- Christians in the Age of Trump: A Contrasting View Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Electoral Ethics, U.S. Presidents
08/08/19 Article- The Simplicity of Biblical Parenting Aaron Blumer Home & Family Parenting, Theology, Children, Family Life
09/02/19 Article- Five Reasons to Preach a Series on Work Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Theology of Work, Work, Vocation, Labor Day
09/16/19 Article- What Is the Gospel? The Power and Peril of Short Gospel Definitions Aaron Blumer Christian Living The Gospel, Worldview, Meaning of Life
10/10/19 Article- From the Archives: Should We Suffer Fools Gladly? Aaron Blumer Christian Living Christian Living, Communication, Fools
10/21/19 Article- What Is the “Law of Christ”? A Bit of Research Aaron Blumer Bible Passages 1 Corinthians 9:21, Galatians 6:2, Law and Grace
11/12/19 Article- Reason, Faith and the Struggle for Western Civilization: A Review Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Book Review, Western Civilization, Faith and Reason, Science
11/18/19 Article- Christians—Our Loyalty Is to Truth, Not Political Party or Brand Aaron Blumer Christian Living Truth, Public Discourse, Politics, Clear Thinking
12/04/19 Article- From the Archives – Ministry Success & The Great Commission Aaron Blumer Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Church Growth, Church & Ministry, Evangelism, Great Commission
12/23/19 Article- Trump Derangement Syndrome, Desperation Thinking, and Facing the Questions Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Evangelical Support of Trump, Mark Galli, Ethics
01/13/20 Article- The Proverbial Fool and the Importance of Avoiding Him Aaron Blumer Christian Living Fools, Folly, Leadership, Proverbs
01/30/20 Article- From the Archives – Good and Angry Aaron Blumer Christian Living Christian Living, Anger, Emotions
02/19/20 Article- The SharperIron RFP Aaron Blumer The SI Experience SharperIron
03/03/20 Article- The Truth About David French and Drag Queen Story Hour Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics David French, Frenchism, Freedom of Speech, Nationalism
04/03/20 Article- This Is a Good Time to Stop Getting Your Information from Ideological Zealots Aaron Blumer Christian Living Clear Thinking, Coronavirus, Zealots, Over-politicizing
04/20/20 Article- Christians Shouldn’t Be Dismissive of Scientific Modeling Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Science, Scientific Modeling, Math, Coronavirus
04/27/20 Article- This Is a Good Time to Bolster Your Theology of Suffering Aaron Blumer Christian Living Coronavirus, Suffering, Patience