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08/06/08 Filings item- Osteens Headed to Court over Air Rage Incident Pastor Joe Roof Filings
08/06/08 Article- Book Review: He Walked Among Us Douglas K. Kutilek Nonfiction, Apologetics
08/05/08 Article- The Bible Faculty Leadership Summit Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
08/04/08 Article- Is Allah the Father of Jesus? SharperIron Islam
08/01/08 Article- Creation Warren Vanhetloo Christian Living, Creation
07/31/08 Article- SI Has A New Forums Director Aaron Blumer SharperIron
07/31/08 Filings item- Bible Bookshop in Gaza Receives Bomb Threat Aaron Blumer Filings
07/31/08 Filings item- Family Radio's Harold Camping Announces 2011 Date for the Rapture Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/31/08 Article- Book Review: Jesus the Evangelist Doug Smith Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Evangelism
07/30/08 Filings item- Amid Corruption Allegations, Israel's Prime Minister Resigns Aaron Blumer Filings
07/30/08 Filings item- New Film About The Young Billy Graham Set For Release Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/30/08 Filings item- Cohabiting Couples Now Almost 10% of U.S. Couples SharperIron Filings
07/30/08 Article- Toward a Forum Philosophy for SI, Part 4 Aaron Blumer Blogging, SharperIron
07/29/08 Filings item- Religious Leaders of Christianity & Islam Seek Common Ground Aaron Blumer Filings
07/29/08 Article- Eschatology and Cultural Engagement Kevin T. Bauder Eschatology, In The Nick of Time, Current Issues
07/28/08 Article- Some Reflections on the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movements, Part 2 SharperIron Charismatics, Pentecostalism
07/26/08 Filings item- BJU Sets World Record With Kazoos Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/26/08 Filings item- "Churches Retool Missions Trips" Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/26/08 Filings item- Zondervan Sued for Publishing Bible that Calls Homosexuality a Sin Aaron Blumer Filings
07/25/08 Filings item- Pastor Rick Cole Leads a "New Kind of Church" Aaron Blumer Filings
07/25/08 Article- Some Reflections on the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movements, Part 1 SharperIron Charismatics, Pentecostalism
07/24/08 Filings item- Laguna Beach Becomes First CA City to Oppose Anti- "Gay Marriage" Proposition 8 SharperIron Filings
07/24/08 Filings item- SBC Warns Of False Teacher - Explores Reasons Why Churches Allow Such Error Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/24/08 Article- Book Review: New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics Paul Henebury Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Apologetics
07/23/08 Filings item- Bible Classes May Soon Be Offered in Some Texas High Schools Aaron Blumer Filings
07/23/08 Article- Courageous Femininity in an Emasculated Culture, Part 2 Bob Bixby Christian Living, Feminism, Masculinity
07/22/08 Filings item- Codex Sinaiticus to be Posted Online Austin M. Filings, Church History
07/22/08 Filings item- Dobson Now Says Might Endorse McCain Aaron Blumer Filings
07/22/08 Article- Christian Cultural Literacy Kevin T. Bauder Culture, In The Nick of Time
07/21/08 Filings item- Pastor Wrecks Motorcyle, Breaks Wrist At Church Service Pastor Joe Roof Filings