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09/13/08 Filings item- Ray Boltz Announces He is Homosexual Dan Burrell Filings
09/12/08 Filings item- Leading U.K. Educator Backs Creation in British Schools Aaron Blumer Filings
09/12/08 Filings item- Michael Horton Interviews R.C. Sproule on "Christless Christianity" SharperIron Filings
09/12/08 Article- Creation, Part 6 SharperIron Christian Living, Creation
09/11/08 Filings item- Proposed Bible Park To Be Handled by Hollywood Aaron Blumer Filings
09/11/08 Article- Book Review and Giveaway Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Nonfiction
09/10/08 Filings item- National Day Of Evangelism Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/10/08 Filings item- ACLU Funds Opposition to Prop. 8 in CA SharperIron Filings
09/10/08 Article- Culture, Context, and Conscience Steve Davis Culture
09/09/08 Filings item- Has the Megachurch Trend Peaked? Aaron Blumer Filings
09/09/08 Filings item- Shrinking Church of England Acts to Save Empty Pews Aaron Blumer Filings
09/09/08 Article- Captain's Log, Part 4 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
09/08/08 Filings item- A Little Good News for Religious Freedom Aaron Blumer Filings
09/08/08 Filings item- Pastors To Challenge Ban On Political Endorsements Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/08/08 Filings item- Barna Study: How Americans View Evangelical Voters Dan Burrell Filings
09/08/08 Article- Ancient Spiderman Pastor Dan Miller Church History
09/07/08 Filings item- Palin's Church Promotes Transformation of Homosexuals SharperIron Filings
09/06/08 Filings item- Heather Hills Baptist Hosts Enormous Outreach Event Aaron Blumer Filings
09/05/08 Article- Creation, Part 5 Warren Vanhetloo Christian Living, Creation
09/04/08 Filings item- Study: Most Americans Unsure What an Evangelical Is SharperIron Filings
09/04/08 Filings item- Pastors Organize Marriage Amendment Effort in Florida SharperIron Filings
09/04/08 Filings item- Wassilla Bible Church - Home Church For The Palin's Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/04/08 Filings item- Second Temple Period Wall Rediscovered in Jerusalem Aaron Blumer Filings
09/04/08 Article- What Is Clear Biblical Teaching? Part 5 SharperIron Christian Living
09/03/08 Filings item- Judge Rejects Legal Challenge to NY's "Gay Marriage" Recognition SharperIron Filings
09/03/08 Filings item- "The Ecology Of Church Planting" Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/03/08 Article- Captain’s Log, Part 3 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
09/02/08 Article- Toward a Forum Philosophy for SI, Part 5 Aaron Blumer Blogging, SharperIron
09/02/08 Filings item- Mohler Blogs About Palin's Daugher Aaron Blumer Filings
09/02/08 Filings item- Roman Catholic Church Rejects "Mumbai Miracle" SharperIron Filings