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09/11/20 Filings item- “I am now convinced that reading Big Old Books . . . is a useful habit for all Christians, especially those who desire to understand our current culture” SI Filings Christian Living Reading, Old Books, Christian Mind
09/11/20 Filings item- Student Worldview Inventory launched at Arizona Christian Univ. Cultural Research Center SI Filings Education Cultural Research Center, Research, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
09/11/20 Filings item- “What Do You want from Me, God?” Part 3: Mercy SI Filings Christian Living Mercy, Christian Love
09/11/20 Filings item- Petri-dish research helps to put choirs back in service SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Coronavirus, Choral Singing, UK
09/11/20 Filings item- Pew Research: Mainline Protestants twice as likely as evangelicals to have religiously unaffiliated teenage kids SI Filings Home & Family Generations, Mainline Denominations, Pew Research
09/11/20 Article- From the Archives – “Hope Is Here!” Pastor Dan Miller Christian Living The Gospel, Hope, Urban Evangelism
09/10/20 Filings item- How Do We Go About Our Business When It’s Risky? SI Filings Christian Living Coronavirus, Christian Living, Risk, Stewardship
09/10/20 Filings item- A Review of: Politics After Christendom: Political Theology in a Fractured World SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Book Review, Post-liberal Integralism, Political Philosophy, Noahic Covenant
09/10/20 Filings item- Rise of the Machines: New Book Applies Christian Ethics to the Future of AI SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Science, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Books
09/10/20 Filings item- The Futility of Coercing or Punishing Belief SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Coercion, Freedom of Thought, Persuasion
09/10/20 Filings item- Trump's new Supreme Court list: The good and the bad SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Supreme Court, Donald Trump, 2020 Election
09/10/20 Filings item- Mark Galli, former Christianity Today editor, to be confirmed a Catholic TylerR Theology & Methodology Roman Catholicism
09/10/20 Filings item- Who controls church property? Lawsuit asks the Supreme Court not to privilege denominations over congregations SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Denominations, Local Church Autonomy
09/10/20 Filings item- Southwestern, Baylor Sue Foundation that Shifted Support After Paige Patterson’s Firing SI Filings Education Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, SBC, Paige Patterson
09/10/20 Article- The Angel of the Bottomless Pit: Challenging Our Comfortable Worldview, Part 4 Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Difficult Passages, Book of Revelation, Angelology, Series - Abaddon
09/09/20 Filings item- Christian Colleges Are Changing to Survive. Is it Working? SI Filings Education Christian Colleges & Seminaries
09/09/20 Filings item- Why Unhealthy People Crave Controversy SI Filings Christian Living Conflict, Confrontation, Drama
09/09/20 Filings item- LifeWay State of Theology Survey: Evangelicals Hold Steady on Doctrine, More Outspoken on Politics SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics LifeWay Research, Evangelicalism, American Culture, Arianism
09/08/20 Filings item- The Coming Election Chaos? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics 2020 Election
09/08/20 Filings item- Church is essential, but a particular form of gathering is not SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Coronavirus, Church Reopening
09/08/20 Filings item- Why 'the church isn’t perfect' line has become a cop-out SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church Life, Christian Authenticity
09/08/20 Filings item- How to beat the ‘social recession’ of COVID-19 SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Coronavirus, Loneliness, Individualism
09/08/20 Filings item- QAnon, Conspiracies, and Discipling the Way Out SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics QAnon, Conspiracy Theories, Christian Mind
09/08/20 Article- Pushing back against the madness TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Critical Race Theory
09/07/20 Article- Happy Labor Day SharperIron The SI Experience Labor Day, Work
09/05/20 Filings item- Davidic dynasty symbol found in Jerusalem: Once in a lifetime discovery SI Filings Church & Biblical History Archaeology
09/04/20 Filings item- In the Beginning, There Was No Buddha SI Filings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Apologetics, Evangelism, Buddhism
09/04/20 Filings item- 3 Strategies for Keeping Your Church Connected During COVID SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Coronavirus, Church Life, Ministry Technology
09/04/20 Filings item- Answering a Question I Get All the Time: The Places to Start in Studying New Testament Textual Criticism SI Filings English Bible Text Debate Textual Criticism, KJVO
09/04/20 Filings item- “Is a warlike posture the proper response to an increasingly anti-Christian society?” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Culture War, American Culture, Pragmatism