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06/30/20 Filings item- We Digitized the Mob, and There's No Place to Hide SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Social Media, Anarchism, Crowds
06/30/20 Filings item- Israel pulls the plug on GOD TV, claims it was trying to evangelize Jews SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Israel, Evangelism, Television
06/30/20 Article- From the Archives – Of God and Basketball Victories Pastor Dan Miller Christian Living Prayer, Sovereignty of God, Athletics
06/29/20 Filings item- Legal Conservatism After Bostock SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Supreme Court, Originalism, Conservatism
06/29/20 Filings item- Mississippi Becomes Last State to Remove Confederate Emblem from Flag SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Mississippi, Confederate Flag, Race Relations
06/29/20 Filings item- “Offend”–That Word Might Not Mean What You Think It Means SI Filings Christian Living Christian Liberty, 2 Corinthians 8, Emotions
06/29/20 Filings item- Seven Quotes to Encourage You in Your Work: From Wayne Grudem's “Business for the Glory of God: The Bible’s Teaching on the Moral Goodness of Business” SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Books, Theology of Work, Business
06/29/20 Filings item- Cedarville Univ. president Thomas White reinstated after internal investigation SI Filings Education Sexual Abuse, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, Higher Education
06/29/20 Filings item- New research from the Cultural Research Center: “only 39 percent of Americans today view human life as ‘sacred’” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Sanctity of Life, Bioethics, Human Nature, Research, American Culture
06/29/20 Filings item- Polarization study: both sides “feel that the other side dislikes them nearly twice as much as they actually do.” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Polarization, American Culture, Research, Hate
06/29/20 Article- The Woman and the Pastor TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Bostock v. Clayton County, American Culture
06/27/20 Filings item- The White-Guilt Cult TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Black Lives Matter, American Culture
06/26/20 Filings item- Mississippi fights discrimination by banning abortion eugenics SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Race, Mississippi, Bioethics
06/26/20 Filings item- A Covenant in the Garden? SI Filings Theology & Methodology Covenant Theology, Covenant of Works, Genesis
06/26/20 Filings item- The Long History of Baptists and Division SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Baptist Associations, SBC
06/26/20 Filings item- Another Unconvincing Case for Egalitarianism SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Egalitarianism, Gender Roles, Book Review
06/26/20 Article- Black Lives Matter G. N. Barkman Society, Culture & Politics Race, Sanctity of Life, Evangelism
06/25/20 Filings item- NCAA Approves Provisional DIII Membership for BJU SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Sports, Bob Jones University
06/25/20 Filings item- Clergy patrol: When pastors and police partner up SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Police, American Culture, Chaplains
06/25/20 Filings item- The Trinity Is Missing from Christian Worship Music SI Filings Worship & Music Worship Music, Contemporary Worship
06/25/20 Filings item- Survey: 64 percent of Americans “somewhat uncomfortable” or “very uncomfortable” attending in-person worship SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church Reopening, Coronavirus
06/25/20 Article- The Covenantal Landscape of the Old Testament, Part 1 Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Series - Covenants, Covenants, Biblical Covenantalism, Old Testament
06/24/20 Filings item- Tennessee lawmakers pass pro-life bill in session's final hours SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Tennessee, Abortion, Bioethics
06/24/20 Filings item- Gene Veith reviews “Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World” SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Books, Western Civilization, Cultural Christianity
06/24/20 Filings item- Review: Laurence M. Vance’s Archaic Words and the Authorized Version SI Filings English Bible Text Debate Books, KJVO, English Bible Translations
06/24/20 Filings item- “We default to thinking so well of ourselves it can be difficult to think God might not think quite so highly of us.” SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pride, Pastoral Ministry
06/24/20 Filings item- Mississippi Baptists: Removing Confederate Flag Emblem Is a ‘Moral Obligation’ SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Mississippi, Confederate Flag, Race Relations
06/23/20 Forum topic- Father Son Retreat type sermons Dan Miller Home & Family
06/23/20 Filings item- What do George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant. Father Junipero Serra, and Christopher Columbus have in common? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Anarchism, Race Relations, 1619 Project, Riots
06/23/20 Filings item- Sometimes It’s Best to Express Your Wisdom in Silence SI Filings Christian Living Humility, Wisdom, Expertise, Egalitarianism, Populism