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06/01/15 Filings item- Carver: 'withhold judgment' on Marine's conviction Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, U.S. Military
06/08/15 Filings item- Supreme Court sets legal standards for online rants Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Technology, Supreme Court, SCOTUS
06/11/15 Filings item- "It’s impossible to think without some starting point. Atheists typically start with matter " Aaron Blumer Theology & Methodology Worldview, Nancy Pearcey, Atheism
06/12/15 Filings item- Many in the ‘me generation’ face a lonely future Aaron Blumer Home & Family Aging, American Culture, Family
06/12/15 Filings item- Suicides Could Surge If End-of-Life Option Passes in California Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Assisted Suicide, Bioethics
06/14/15 Filings item- Churches unhappy with pastors should look in the mirror, consultants say Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Toxic Churches, Pastoral Leadership
06/14/15 Filings item- The SBC Has Been in Decline Since Before I Was Born – And I’m OLD! Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General SBC, Church Trends
06/23/15 Filings item- European research confirms abortion increases risk of future preterm births Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Abortion, Health and Medicine
06/23/15 Filings item- "[D]id Jesus have to repent for environmental damage?" Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Environmentalism, Papal Encyclical, Laudato Si’
06/23/15 Filings item- MABTS Joins Forces in New Biblical Counseling Program Aaron Blumer Education MABTS, Biblical Counseling, Nouthetic Counseling
06/24/15 Filings item- Let the Boston Bomber Live Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Death Penalty
06/25/15 Filings item- Why churches should recognize women as deacons Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Women's Issues, Church Leadership, Deacons
07/01/15 Filings item- United Church of Christ votes to divest from Israeli companies in occupied territories Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General United Church of Christ, Israel, Anti-Zionism
07/01/15 Filings item- AiG - 'A.D. Bible Continues' Miniseries is 'Absolutely Dismal' and Inaccurate Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Answers in Genesis, A.D. The Bible Continues, Television
07/09/15 Filings item- “Global warming really has become a new religion”–Nobel Physicist Ivar Giaever Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Global Warming, Science
07/09/15 Filings item- Nevada Allows, Colorado Denies Christian School Vouchers Aaron Blumer Education Christian Education, Christian Day School, School Choice
07/13/15 Filings item- "Spiritual disciplines don’t seem passive when your alarm sounds at 5:30am for a pre-work prayer time" Aaron Blumer Christian Living Sanctification, Spiritual Disciplines
07/13/15 Filings item- The nation’s largest Christian bookstore chain is trying a new strategy. Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Family Christian Stores, Books & Publishing
07/19/15 Filings item- Happy birthday, culture war! Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Evolution, Creation, Cultural Trends, U.S. History
07/19/15 Filings item- "[T]here are too many flaws in this statement to make this a flagship statement for Evangelicals regarding the current American Crisis on marriage" Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics ERLC, Church & State, Russell Moore
07/20/15 Filings item- “Simple condemnations are not going to get to the hearts and minds of these people” Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Islam, Radicalization
07/21/15 Filings item- "We cannot expect our kids to always swim against a cultural flood tide." Aaron Blumer Education Education, Homeschooling, Public Education, Christian Day School
07/23/15 Filings item- Mt. Soledad Cross Controversy Ends after 25 Years Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Church & State
07/23/15 Filings item- "Markets are the lifeblood of wealth creation, and wealth creation is the necessary, if not sufficient, prerequisite to the lasting alleviation of poverty." Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Papal Encyclical, Environmentalism, Global Warming
07/23/15 Filings item- "For at least 11 of those years, people have been predicting the end of the blog." Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Technology, Writing
07/26/15 Filings item- Should incomes be "more equal"? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Income Inequality, Inequality, Economics, Poverty
07/27/15 Filings item- Bingo for Bibles: Northside Evangelist seeks comback with bingo fundraisers and PayPal donations Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Church & Ministry, Church Finance
07/27/15 Filings item- Bush, Rubio interviews set at arena-sized missions conference, three months after Ben Carson controversy. Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Politics, SBC, GOP
07/28/15 Filings item- Researchers: Ancient Scroll Discovered in Israel Contains Verses From Leviticus Aaron Blumer Church & Biblical History Archaeology, Manuscripts
07/31/15 Filings item- The Project 14 Global Missions board of directors will lead Northland Baptist Ministries Aaron Blumer Education NIU, Northland Baptist Ministries, Project 14