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07/16/08 Filings item- Stockbroker Erodes Corporate Funding of Planned Parenthood Aaron Blumer Filings
07/15/08 Filings item- Evangelical Free Church of America Adopts Stronger Doctrinal Statement Aaron Blumer Filings
07/14/08 Filings item- Texas Baptists Win Sierra Club Praise Aaron Blumer Filings
07/12/08 Filings item- Man Sues Church for Alleged Spirit Injury Aaron Blumer Filings
07/11/08 Filings item- Louisiana Tries to Even Playing Field in Evolution vs. Creation Education Aaron Blumer Filings
07/10/08 Filings item- John Templeton Dead at 95 Aaron Blumer Filings
07/07/08 Filings item- A Baptist Perspective on Reformed Theology Aaron Blumer Filings
07/04/08 Filings item- Evanglicals Key to '08 Election? Aaron Blumer Filings
06/30/08 Filings item- Evangelicals Losing Their Influence? Aaron Blumer Filings
06/23/08 Filings item- 92% of Americans believe in God or a universal spirit, Pew survey finds Aaron Blumer Filings, Interviews
06/20/08 Filings item- Council on Foreign Relations Analyzes Support for Israel Among Evangelicals Aaron Blumer Filings
06/18/08 Filings item- SharperIron Has a New Ladies Forum Director Aaron Blumer Filings
06/17/08 Filings item- GARBC Conference Relocates to Ankeny Aaron Blumer Filings
06/16/08 Filings item- Jordan Archaeologists Claim Cave Site of Oldest Christian Church Aaron Blumer Filings
06/06/08 Filings item- Baby Survives Abortion, Expected to Be Fine Aaron Blumer Filings
06/03/08 Filings item- Two Pickering Booklets Available for Free Download Aaron Blumer Filings
06/01/08 Filings item- Author Says SBC in Decline Despite Fundamentalist Resurgence Aaron Blumer Filings
05/30/08 Filings item- SI Adds New Bloggers to Blogroll Aaron Blumer Filings
05/29/08 Filings item- Mark Dever Interviews Mark Minnick Aaron Blumer Filings
05/27/08 Filings item- Joel Tetreau Blogs About Decision Making in Local Churches Aaron Blumer Filings
08/20/09 Filings item- Survey of Nonreligious Americans Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Society
09/29/09 Filings item- Pastors Still Trying to Get Sued Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Politics, Preaching
09/30/09 Filings item- Seven Christians "Crucified" in Sudan Aaron Blumer Front page article archive
09/30/09 Filings item- Why Are More Americans Abandoning Religion? Aaron Blumer Front page article archive
10/07/09 Filings item- Parents Sentenced in Faith Healing Death Case Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Parenting, Charismatics, Government
10/07/09 Filings item- Supreme Court Debates Legality of Mojave Cross Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Government, Church & State
10/08/09 Filings item- "The Quest" has been added to the blogroll Aaron Blumer The SI Experience
10/09/09 Filings item- "I can't deny it--I kind of like Glenn Beck." Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Books & Publishing, Politics, Radio
10/20/09 Filings item- Executions of "Witch Children" Blamed on Growth of Evangelical Christianity Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Children, Persecution
10/27/09 Filings item- "Wilson isn't one of those evasive Christians who mumble apologetically about how some of the Bible stories are really just 'metaphors.' He is willing to maintain very staunchly that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ and that his sacrifice redeems..." Aaron Blumer Front page article archive Atheism, Apologetics