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09/11/19 Filings item- The fake news police: Who fact-checks Facebook’s fact-checkers? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Facebook, Technology, Social Media
09/11/19 Article- 9/11 and the Rapture Paul J. Scharf Theology & Methodology Eschatology, The Rapture
09/10/19 Filings item- Handling Controversy With Rules of Persuasion SI Filings Christian Living Debate, Clear Thinking, Public Discourse, Persuasion
09/10/19 Filings item- "...we’ve been told that so-called fusionist conservatism—the synthesis of traditional Christianity and individual liberty—is dead." SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Conservatism, Political Philosophy, Nationalism, Freedom
09/10/19 Filings item- Organic Food, Essential Oils, and the Gospel of Grace SI Filings Christian Living Health, Dietary Obsessions
09/10/19 Filings item- From Sussex, England, to New England, Gender Activists Are Losing SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Gender Politics, Gender Identity, Sexual Ethics
09/10/19 Article- Review – What Is a Girl Worth, by Rachel Denhollander Jay Books, Reading & Writing Books, Sexual Abuse, Rachel Denhollander
09/09/19 Forum topic- Grace Church - Otsego now accepting applications Jim Preaching & Leadership
09/09/19 Filings item- Surprise... The shameful campaign against Kavanaugh was motivated by Roe v. Wade all along SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Brett Kavanaugh, Roe v. Wade, Abortion
09/09/19 Bio- Jay Camp bio Jay
09/09/19 Filings item- Baptist College Handbook Authorizes ‘Full Access’ to Students’ Social Media Accounts SI Filings Education Social Media, Higher Education, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
09/09/19 Filings item- The Ahmari vs. French debate on Christianity in the public square: unanswered questions SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Secularism, Church & State, David French
09/09/19 Filings item- Colson Center launhes "What Would You Say?" video series SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics American Culture, Worldview, Ethics
09/09/19 Filings item- Survey: 45 Percent of College Students Want ‘In God We Trust’ Removed from Currency SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics In God We Trust, American Culture, College Students
09/09/19 Article- Some Thoughts About the End-Times TylerR Theology & Methodology Eschatology
09/07/19 Forum topic- Small group leader advice Kevin Miller Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
09/07/19 Filings item- How Should a Pastor Think About His Salary? SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Finances, Pastoral Compensation
09/07/19 Filings item- This Sunday Is Southern Baptists’ New Namesake Holiday SI Filings Church & Ministry in General SBC, Baptism
09/07/19 Filings item- How scepticism became a bestseller TylerR Theology & Methodology Bart ehrman
09/06/19 Filings item- Episcopal Church sees greater drop in membership in 2018 SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Mainline Denominations, Episcopal Church
09/06/19 Filings item- Why Transhumanists’ Quest for Earthly Immortality is Misguided SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Technology, Human Nature, Immortality
09/06/19 Filings item- Trusting the Good News in the Age of Fake News SI Filings Christian Living The Gospel, American Culture
09/06/19 Filings item- Miracle of the Multiplication Mosaic Found on ‘Wrong’ Side of Sea of Galilee SI Filings Church & Biblical History Archaeology, Sea of Galilee
09/06/19 Poll- Who do you think is the most important musician in human history? RajeshG Worship & Music
09/06/19 Article- 8 Elements Common to Answered Prayers Clint Archer Christian Living Prayer, Psalm 119
09/05/19 Filings item- “’s harder to hate up close” – Grace-Filled Response Sparks Change in Wedding Venue Owner’s Views on Interracial Marriage SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Racism, Racial Reconciliation, Weddings
09/05/19 Filings item- “[E]merging and serious threats to religious freedom are also coming from the private sector” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Workplace Ethics, Business
09/05/19 Filings item- Benny Hinn renounces prosperity gospel, says ‘Holy Ghost is just fed up with it’ SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Celebrity Pastors, Benny Hinn
09/05/19 Filings item- Pope Francis: ‘It’s An Honor That Americans Are Attacking Me’ SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Roman Catholicism, Pope Francis
09/05/19 Article- The Confessions TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Augustine