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02/14/20 Article- The Humbling Nature of Sin Ed Vasicek Christian Living Humility, Repentance, Sin
02/13/20 Filings item- Francis Chan says he healed deaf boy, girl in rural Myanmar village SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Francis Chan, Charismatics, Faith Healing, Moody Bible Institute
02/13/20 Filings item- “Police in Finland are investigating the leader of an entire denomination for publishing a booklet that disapproves of homosexuality” Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Finland, Religious Liberty, Sexual Ethics, Persecution
02/13/20 Filings item- Study: Christian College Grads Care More About Helping, Less About Money SI Filings Education Christian Colleges & Seminaries, Higher Education, Theology of Work
02/13/20 Filings item- Lineup for Pastors Conference Riles SBC Complementarians SI Filings Preaching & Leadership SBC, Women Preaching, Complementarianism
02/13/20 Article- Technology & Ministry: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Dangers Bob Gonzales Theology & Methodology Technology, Culture, Series - Tech, Ministry Technology
02/12/20 Filings item- How to Raise Children in a ‘Be Yourself’ World SI Filings Home & Family Parenting, Self Centeredness, Self Esteem
02/12/20 Filings item- ‘Religious liberty’ adoption bill fans debate in Georgia SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Adoption
02/12/20 Filings item- 10 Flavors of Works-Based Salvation SI Filings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Evangelism, The Gospel
02/12/20 Filings item- What if We Just Forgot about Race? SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Books, Race Relations, Racism
02/12/20 Filings item- A look at Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission's 2020 agenda SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics ERLC, SBC, Advocacy
02/12/20 Filings item- What’s the problem with singing in our churches? SI Filings Worship & Music Worship Music, Singing
02/12/20 Article- Christians and Courage that Matters Alf Cengia Christian Living Courage, Ethics, LGBTQ Politics
02/11/20 Forum topic- "Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump" RajeshG Society, Culture & Politics
02/11/20 Filings item- How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? Aaron Blumer Christian Living Christian Living, Politics, Christian Love
02/11/20 Filings item- SBC Recalls ‘Year of Waking Up’ Since Abuse Investigation Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General SBC, Church Sexual Abuse
02/11/20 Filings item- South Dakota Senate Committee Ends Efforts to Pass Bill Banning Gender-Transition Surgeries for Children SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Gender Reassignment, Children, LGBTQ Politics, Child Abuse
02/11/20 Poll- Are we in danger of nitpicking our ministry leaders? Ed Vasicek Preaching & Leadership
02/11/20 Filings item- Has America Reached Peak Atheism? Study Shows Growth Among Religious ‘Nones’ Declining SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Atheism, Nones, American Culture, Religious Trends
02/11/20 Filings item- Why the “Nothing in Particulars” May Be the Most Gospel-Ready Audience SI Filings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Evangelism, Nones
02/11/20 Article- From the Archives – Using the London Baptist Confession of 1646 in the Local Church dwenkel Church & Ministry in General Creeds and Confessions, London Baptist Confession, Church History
02/10/20 Filings item- Environmentalism: A Biblical Perspective SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Environmentalism, Climate Change, Technology
02/10/20 Filings item- Acts 29 CEO Removed Amid ‘Accusations of Abusive Leadership’ SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Acts 29, Ministry Leadership
02/10/20 Filings item- “This past month has seen nothing short of a full-court press by LGBT activists on the cultural commons” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics LGBTQ Politics, Sexual Ethics, Children, American Culture
02/10/20 Filings item- ‘Love your enemies’ is a command, not a suggestion SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, National Prayer Breakfast
02/10/20 Filings item- Younger generations prefer smaller worship gatherings SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Worship, Generations, Small Church
02/10/20 Article- Romans 12:1–2 and the Doctrine of Sanctification, Part 2 wcombs Bible Passages Romans 12, Series - Rom12_1, Sanctification, Perfectionism, Holiness, Keswick
02/08/20 Filings item- A brief summary of 13 historic creeds and confessions SI Filings Church & Biblical History Creeds and Confessions
02/07/20 Filings item- The Master’s University and Seminary Appoints Dr. Sam Horn President SI Filings Education Sam Horn, The Masters College, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
02/07/20 Filings item- 3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church SI Filings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Youth Ministry, Church Dropouts, Generations