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05/30/17 Article- “Replacement Theology” - Is It Wrong to Use the Term? (Part 8) Theology & Methodology Replacement Theology, Series - Replacement, Hermeneutics
05/29/17 Filings item- The Kamikaze attack on the USS Aaron Ward (May 1945) Society, Culture & Politics Memorial Day
05/29/17 Filings item- Does God exist in the Marvel Universe? Society, Culture & Politics Comic Books
05/27/17 Filings item- Overdosing from despair: How the Church can fight the opioid epidemic Society, Culture & Politics Opioid epidemic, Pain
05/27/17 Filings item- Repentance and the Baptist Church Constitution Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Repentance, The Gospel
05/26/17 Filings item- NAMB tells court McRaney controversy is ‘ecclesiastical’ matter Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism NAMB, Will McRaney
05/26/17 Filings item- Bible College Freshman Provides Pastor With 90 Pages Of Helpful Notes After Sermon Preaching & Leadership Satire
05/26/17 Filings item- 'We Are Not Dying, We Are Reforming,' Says PCUSA Leader Amid Report on Declining Membership Church & Ministry in General PCUSA, Mainline Protestant Denominations
05/26/17 Article- Speech of Gen. James A. Garfield Delivered to the “Boys in Blue” Society, Culture & Politics Memorial Day, Speeches, American History
05/25/17 Filings item- House Churches: The Good, the Bad, and Why You Should Be Open to Them Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism House Churches
05/25/17 Filings item- Sign of the end? Society, Culture & Politics Satire
05/25/17 Filings item- TX gov. signs bill protecting pastors' sermons Society, Culture & Politics Texas, Preaching, Religious Liberty
05/25/17 Filings item- Survey: Christian Conservatives Name Top 20 Groups Making a Difference: ACLJ, Billy Graham Org Top List Society, Culture & Politics Evangelicalism, Politics
05/25/17 Article- Theology Thursday - "Entire Sanctification" & the Christian Life Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday, sinless perfection, entire sanctification
05/24/17 Filings item- ISIS Lays Down Arms After Katy Perry’s Impassioned Plea To ‘Like, Just Co-Exist’ Christian Living Satire, Babylon Bee
05/24/17 Article- The Sickness in Discernment Ministries Church & Ministry in General Discernment, Discernment Ministries
05/23/17 Filings item- Patriot-olotry: The Intersection of Theology and Politics Society, Culture & Politics Patriotism
05/23/17 Filings item- 16 Ways to Find a Wife According to the Bible Christian Living Marriage, courtship, Courtship/Dating
05/23/17 Filings item- 6 Statistics That Show How Much America Has Changed in a Half-Century Society, Culture & Politics American Culture
05/23/17 Filings item- 'I will pray for you' draws personnel warning Work, Business, Science, Tech Religious Liberty
05/23/17 Article- “Replacement Theology” - Is It Wrong to Use the Term? (Part 7) Theology & Methodology Replacement Theology, Series - Replacement, Hermeneutics
05/22/17 Poll- Which time of year SEEMS busiest at your church, typically? Church & Ministry in General
05/22/17 Article- Five Ways to Beat Bitterness: #5 - Connect Christian Living Bitterness, Series - Bitterness, Fellowship, Christian Attitudes
05/21/17 Filings item- Pregnant at 18. Hailed by Abortion Foes. Punished by Christian School Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Christian Day School
05/21/17 Filings item- What Joss Whedon Doesn't Understand About Planned Parenthood Society, Culture & Politics Planned Parenthood, Abortion, Joss Whedon
05/19/17 Filings item- Wading Into Murky Waters, Trump Trip to Advocate Religious Unity Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump
05/19/17 Article- Theology Thursday . . . on Friday: The Chicago Statement on Inerrancy (Part 3) Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday, Inerrancy, Biblical Inerrancy; Chicago Statement
05/18/17 Filings item- 5 Ways We Quench the Holy Spirit Theology & Methodology Charisma Magazine, Holy Spirit
05/18/17 Bio- Matt Waymeyer Bio
05/18/17 Article- “Free Grace” Theology & Matthew 7:21-23 Theology & Methodology Free Grace, Easy Believism, Soteriology