Revealed in the Upper Room: The Rapture

By Paul J. Scharf ⁃ Friday, Mar 24, 2023

We are fast approaching that time of year in which we remember the death of the Lord Jesus, and celebrate His victory over death through His resurrection.

Over these next three weeks, I would like to focus on Jesus’ ministry following the Passover meal He shared with His disciples, in the Upper Room.

There Jesus revealed many new truths for the forthcoming church age to these who would become its “foundation” (Eph. 2:20)—though they were certainly unworthy and lacking understanding at this time (see John 13:24 and 14:5 for examples). All of this commenced once Jesus had…

Book Review – ‘Paul, A New Covenant Jew’ by Pitre, Barber, & Kincaid

By Paul Henebury ⁃ Thursday, Mar 23, 2023

A review of Brant Pitre, Michael P. Barber, and John A. Kincaid, Paul, A New Covenant Jew: Rethinking Pauline Theology, Grnd Rapids: Eerdmans, 2019, 310 pages, pbk.

Over the past several years I have been reading many books on Paul and Pauline Theology in preparation for writing the NT companion volume of my Biblical Theology. This book is written by three Roman Catholic scholars who are widely read in the discipline. The reason I was attracted to this book is twofold: First, because one of the authors, Brant Pitre, wrote an excellent conservative apologetic work called…

Psalm 145:13b: A Case Study in Old Testament Textual Criticism (Part 2)

By Douglas K. Kutilek ⁃ Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023

Read Part 1.

Let us note the remarks of a few older commentators (all of whom wrote before the Dead Sea evidence was discovered) who have additional information on our Psalm at this point (and as always, I checked commentaries last, after exhausting other sources of information, discovering in the process that they had trod this path of investigation before me). The first is John Gill (1697-1771), British Baptist pastor and expert in rabbinic…