You can now set your preferred Bible version for "reftagger" Scripture pop-ups

If you go to your profile, you’ll see a new block on the right for selecting the Bible version you’d like your Scripture pop-ups to use.

(The Libronix checkbox is for those with Libronix installed on their PC’s. This will allow you to click a link and open the Scripture passage in your Libronix.)

Once you’ve set the preferred translation, click Save.

After that, you can hide the block if you wish. Go to Edit in your profile and look for a set of checkboxes for various blocks (under “Block Configuration”). To disable this particular block, uncheck “Reftagger Control Panel.”

You can always enable it again later if  you decide you want to switch versions.

Many thanks to the folks at Logos/Libronix for providing this tool, and thanks too to mrambeck at for adding the control panel to the module!

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