Should We Marry If We’re Theologically Divided?

Last month Russell Moore posted an interesting article at his blog examining the concerns with marriage between those whose theological divide, though within the Evangelical camp, might have some valid issues. Later, in May, he responded so the link has both the article/letter and his response. My question is...what obstacles to their faiths and what required acquiescence, if any, should be in view with such situations?

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Depends on the differences. My wife and I had differences. I'm a Historic Northern Baptist (currently a FBFI knd of guy). She was raised as Russian Evangelical Christian-Baptist. If I had known what the EC-Bs believed I might have had second thoughts. But in the Providence of God, we've been joined at the hip for 20 years now.
On the other hand, if I wasdealing with two Americans (yankees if you will), I'd say no.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..

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I think it also depends on whether or not the couple is entering a pastorate or some other ministry in which the wife is expected to assist in her husband's work by counseling, speaking, etc. This was a sticking point with me and my high school sweetheart some years ago, as we had different denominational backgrounds. Fortunately for us, our outcome has been similar to Rob's.

Also, it probably goes without saying that "theologically divided" could mean a lot of different things. (I didn't read the article linked above; it might shed further light on this.) My parents didn't agree on every point of theology, but they didn't fight about things. In fact, we had a lot of good, frank, friendly family discussion, which really caused my sister and me to think, and, I believe, enhanced our understanding of various points in many ways. We were fortunate to observe how a husband could love his wife, and a wife could submit to her husband without each being a theological clone of the other. Of course, Mom never "took us aside" secretly and contradicted Dad; she demonstrated respect for his positions, and he did the same for hers.