Pray for Dalton and Cheyenne Cottrell Famlies

This week Dalton and Cheyenne Cottrell were in St Augustines FL on their honeymoon.  Both are current Students of Faith Baptist Bible College of Iowa.  Dalton and Cheyenne decided to take a swim in the Ocean. It was Dalton’s first time in the Ocean.   Both got caught in a rip tide.  Cheyenne made it out but Dalton drowned.  Cheyenne tried to help Dalton but Dalton panicked and ended up pulling Cheyenne down. Life guards and other assisted but were to late for Dalton.  

The Cottrell’s home church is Fellowship Baptist in Des Moines Iowa.  Greg H you may know this couple and their families.  

This weekend a father died in a rip tide at the New Jersey shore while trying to save someone.  The victim made it he did not.  Anyone from the Midwest coming to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time would be wise to familiarize oneself with rip tides and how to deal with them.  No Great Lake comes even close to dealing with the power of the Atlantic Ocean.   

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The ocean was very rough.  I did not go in.  I just like to walk the boards and relax. However the power of the Ocean was one scary sight.  I thought of this young couple and my heart goes out to the family.  Very sad for a young women to lose the love of her life on this earth only couple days into their marriage.

 I eve been married to my wonderful wife for 37 years and I can’t even fathom the loss if I lost her now.