What do you think the future of foreign missions (from a western perspective) should be? A partial answer preferred to "other"

Pretty much -with some variety- as it has been in the past: westerners are called to full time service and churches support them
11% (1 vote)
Anyone who is called should respond, but God is probably going to call most missionaries from the 3rd world
22% (2 votes)
Westerners backing and supervising nationals
44% (4 votes)
Korea, China, and the eastern nations taking the lead and essentially replacing the west
22% (2 votes)
Foreign missions will become rare as the internet, satellite TV, etc., make the world smaller and the Gospel more accessible
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9
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Not sure if I liked any of the wording of the choices. If it had read "westerners backing and training nationals," rather than supervising nationals maybe I would have picked it.

Even though its obvious that the Korean and Chinese church is exploding, that doesn't necessarily mean they take the lead in missions. For instance, the Korean church has been called the "new colonialists" when it comes to missions. A friend of mine that grew up on an Indian reservation in Canada recently told me that he recently visited a Korean church plant on the reservation in Canada where he grew up......they were doing the services in Korean.

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Top universities in the USA such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, etc etc have a majority of believers being Asian. The local churches that are growing and church planting are Asian.

Derek Jung
Church Planter, Pastor.