Does Your Church Hold Church-wide Carry-in (aka Potluck, Fellowship) Dinners? (Breakfasts don't count!)

Yes, we have church-wide carry-ins several times a year
72% (21 votes)
Yes, about once a year
0% (0 votes)
No, but we have catered or arranged church-wide dinners
3% (1 vote)
No, but groups within our church do, either in the facility or in homes
3% (1 vote)
7% (2 votes)
14% (4 votes)
Total votes: 29
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Whenever one preaches about fellowship, it seems he goes out of his way to state that fellowship does not require a meal. That may be true, but -- in the Bible and today -- fellowship and meals are associated.


We have several carry-in type meals a year, probably about 6.  The church my daughter attends is a mega-church, and they only have small group meals.


Things have changed over the years.  We have labels that say, "no gluten" or "low fat/low cholesterol" for specialized diets. We have about 3 or 4 food contests per year, an annual Pre-thanksgiving meal, and occasional meals at times when missionaries visit or when longstanding members move. This does not include funeral dinners.


Eating and fellowship are old soul mates, even in the world, IMO.  What is your view?

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We have a meal after the service every Sunday, something that we've done from the very beginning of the church (right now it's about a year and a half old).  I've found it to be vital for the growth of the church, teaching the people how to fellowship (not just talking about whatever subject but concentrating on the message, on exhorting one another, etc.).  We're currently running about 35-40 every week, which is doable for a weekly meal- it's possible in the future that we might change but for now the people love it and wouldn't want it to stop.  

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Did you ever wonder how big a meal the original "Last Supper" was? I think it was more than a crumb and a few drops of the fruit of the vine.

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Isn't that a fundamental of the faith?!? Smile

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When we had more "stay at home" Moms we had pot providence (Pastor Innes does not believe in luck) dinners.  However, since more of our households have either two wage earners or a singles, we've tended to go with either in-house or outside catered affairs.

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We do this monthly.

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About two years ago we began a monthly diner called ENCORE. After our morning service we have a pot-luck meal and when we finish eating we return to the sanctuary for second worship service. The first service starts at 10:30 and is over before noon, we are done eating 12:30 and our encore service ends around 1:30. We do not have our normal evening service at 6:00 pm on ENCORE Sunday. Some times the food will have a theme like BBQ or soup and sandwiches. Once a month has been a good spacing for us. We don't get tired of it and we look forward to the next one.

I we have some members that drive a considerable distance and it saves them an extra trip to church on Sunday night. Besides, it gives us chance each month to watch Sunday night TV shows like all the liberal Baptist who only have one service.

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Several times a year we have carry-in meals, but we also have small group gatherings weekly which almost always include some form of food sharing. We don't have a Sunday evening service, but my wife and I were so accustomed to Sunday night church that we couldn't forgo it completely so we have a fellowship at our home every Sunday night. Even when we tell people not to bring any food, they don't listen and bring something to share. (Dessert nights are the most well attended, of course.)

Shortly after we arrived here we began serving a Wednesday evening family meal before our Bible study to make it easier for folks to attend after work. My wife prepares the meal (and sometimes I am allowed to help) and we have found it to be a completely enjoyable time of fellowship.

When we came to the church the people had heard about fellowship, and some of them had actually experienced it, but most of them had no real concept of what it means to share one's life with the rest of the church family. After nearly two years, we are beginning to see some progress in the understanding and practice of fellowship, although I really need to increase the frequency and intensity of my exercise regimen to keep up with all the fellowship.

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We have a fellowship meal almost every Sunday (with only the exception of special occasions and holidays), and then have an afternoon service. Our church is young, just under 9 years old. The only way we have been able to get folks committed to an extra hour of teaching is to have it in the afternoon. Evening services have not worked for us at all. In addition, we do have some who come for the meal, and stay for the afternoon service. Some of them go to other churches first in the morning, some don't. We almost have a different crowd in the afternoon. 

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From the perspective of a larger church (roughly 400) - we have department organized lunches about 3 times a year - usually organized by the Children's Ministry or Youth Ministry.  Other than that, groups have their own. The Missions Committee has lunch on Missions Sundays - which are held whenever there is a 5th Sunday.  The staff has lunch once a week, choir has a heavy snack once a month, Fellowship groups - whenever they plan it.  Last night our fellowship group went out to dinner then to the local planetarium. 


At my previous church (attendance about 2000) we had a full cafe where we served brunch during the break between services (1 1/2 hour long break).  We also served dinner after the Saturday evening service.    There was a cost for it, a family of 4 could eat dinner - main dish, vegetable, salad, dessert and drink for $20, and the portions were not skimpy nor was the food cheap - we're talking lasagna, fried chicken, meatloaf (great recipe!), that sort of thing - all made from scratch.  I know they have scaled back, I'm not sure what they are doing now. 



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But in the simple fellowship that I enjoy, we have a good meal before digging into God's word.