Assuming the book would be really well written, what topic would you like to see a =fundamentalist= publish a book on?

Separation for a new generation: applying biblical separation principles in today's setting
20% (4 votes)
How to reject legalism without being worldly
15% (3 votes)
A biblical view of poverty, politics and the church
20% (4 votes)
Conservative Christianity: a "successor" to fundamentalism?
5% (1 vote)
A fundamentalism worth saving: what it would look like, how to get there
20% (4 votes)
New fights: where fundamentalism should focus its "militancy" today
0% (0 votes)
Other... (please post in the thread and tell us your idea)
20% (4 votes)
Total votes: 20
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yes - all of the above

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?

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Got one vote via msg for a book on fallen fundamentalist leaders... what went wrong, what might have prevented, why there are so many, etc.

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Truly all seem like worthy subjects .. Except for : "New fights: where fundamentalism should focus its "militancy" today" . .. To be honest in my opinion the "fights" are what has turned many from fundamentalism .. I like books that focus on the positive ..

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Well, there's going to be stuff that has to be fought in every generation. Paul said there would be wolves. Jude said "contend," etc.
I don't think we can say fighting itself is the problem, whether it has turned many away or not. But if the wrong sort of fighting about the wrong things (in the wrong way) has turned people away--and I'm sure it has in many cases--we fundamentalists have nobody to blame but ourselves for that.

Even if we what we need to fight is excessive fighting, that's still something to fight.
(Apologies for going a bit Zen there... maybe I should have said "Grasshopper" first!)

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I think the top two options would both be high on my list, though I'd probably read books (at least in e-format Smile ) on all the topics you mention.

Regarding fighting, I think what fundamentalists need to do is to distinguish "fighting the good fight" from belligerency, which in the past has sadly been the true hallmark of the "fightin' fundamentalist," at least as seen from those outside fundamentalism.

Dave Barnhart

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We need works on ALL the above. I remember the "Mastering Ministry" series. How about "Honing Fundamentalism for the 21st Century" series?

We really need all of the above.

PLewis wrote:

Truly all seem like worthy subjects .. Except for : "New fights: where fundamentalism should focus its "militancy" today" . .. To be honest in my opinion the "fights" are what has turned many from fundamentalism .. I like books that focus on the positive ..

I tend to disagree. It is HOW they fought (out to win an argument rather than using solid, truly intelligent reasoning) and what they fought over (preferences and trivial pursuit) that made it bad.
John MacArthur, for example, is very militant, but the guy is also intelligent and can think and tries to reason logically, not merely emotionally.

"The Midrash Detective"

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I'd like to see a well respected fundamentalist write a book in defence of continuationism.
I'm not holding my breath though.

Richard Pajak

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creating opportunities for fellowship and cooperation beyond the local church in a separatist context

or something along that line of encouraging some non-separatist activities or limited cooperation with other local churches that aren't clones.

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These comments are correct, and all of the topics are worth an author's pursuit. MacArthur wrote "Truth Wars" a couple of years ago. It was well-written and had an academic tone (the seminary word is "irenic") but was hard-hitting. Biblical truth is worth fighting for. Fundies shouldn't be like Peter Ruckman, who calls his opponents "jackasses." Silly name calling won't convince many people of your position. Research the subject well, write with an "irenic" tone, and be very clear. All sorts of people will want to burn your book.

Someone want to help me find a publisher? :bigsmile: Actually, I planned to write this summer. But now that I'm not teaching, perhaps this fall?

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I can also think of another idea that might be beneficial to the true believers of the western hemisphere. Something along the lines of "Preparing for Purification": how the church will have to suffer for Christ in America. The thought behind this idea is that as depravity and evil become more prevalent and accepted, liberty and freedoms for believers will continue to be restricted. Soon, we will be a persecuted church. What areas of struggle lie on the horizon? What areas of taking our faith into the public arena may start netting believers jail time? What can we do to prepare personally and corporately to meet this coming challenge?