Final Observations

Brent Belford, a professor at Northland International University, reporting from the FBFI Annual Conference. The last day of the conference started early this morning with testimonials from different Chaplains from the FBF. These testimonies were very enjoyable. I really enjoyed hearing of the many people who have been converted as a result of the ministry of some of these chaplains. We need to continue to pray for these men as they minister the gospel to others in the military.

As I leave for the airport in a few minutes, let me give you a few of my final observations from this conference. First, I loved the conversations that I had with many of the young Fundamentalists which were present at the conference. I was surprised to see the numbers of young men within the conference who are committed to a Fundamentalist theology and heritage. My conversations with these young men were quite edifying. I especially enjoyed a lunch conversation with a young pastor named Lucas Counterman. His love for the Word was contagious! This particular conversation is similar to others that I had with young fundamentalists at this conference.

Second, the ministry philosophy and servant spirit of the staff at Tri-City Baptist are worthy of imitation. A great result of this conference was the demonstration of the balanced ministry philosophy of Pastor Senn and his staff. I pray that this same sort of philosophy is duplicated among other Fundamentalist churches. Thank you Tri-City staff for your service! Third, I leave the conference meditating upon the Christian hope. In 1 Thessalonians 1:3-4, Paul lists the great Christian triad of faith, love, and hope. In that passage, Paul informs up that hope empowered the Thessalonians to steadfastness. If we are going to be faithful to the end of our Christian lives, then the future hope of glory must be our mindset. The conference theme is one that by God’s grace must be evident in the life of all believers. May this hope motivate us to persevere in the ministries God has given to us!

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Brent, thanks for taking the time to report on the conference for us!