Who knew? "Vacation Bible schools have agenda beyond free babysitting"

“…churches with a certain sort of zeal going on may use vacation Bible school to ‘outreach,’ i.e., try to reach out and get hold of other people’s children, be they little Atheists, Buddhists, pagans or Jew”

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So what's the point, Mr. Singleton? This guy is all over the place.

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I thought the guy was pretty funny. The piece is almost self-parody.

Apparently his view is that VBS is really Bible school in disguise, a means of proselytizing, and somehow a violation of the first amendment.
The case of the mailed out invitations was especially silly. Even if the school system shared the addresses with the church but refused to share them with other groups (a claim he had no evidence to support), this would hardly be the church's fault. And it's just as hard for a church to mail out all those invitations as it would be for any other group to do so.

It's a classic case of how hatred for Christianity can blind people to things that are really pretty obvious.

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,over the past year or so, has advertised its capability to send mail targeted to a specific zip code. Using Zip +4, I'd think a church could target a specific neighborhood. The net would take in household with and without children. But a hater probably wouldn't think of such a noncontroversial method.

Hoping to shed more light than heat..