Bob Jones University statement on BJUnity

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Bob Jones University is absolutely right in resisting the homosexual agenda in obedience to God's Word. Other ministries will be tested on this issue.

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This matter leaves me troubled. I believe that many Christians have been too harsh in their personal words toward homosexual practitioners, addressing them in ways we would never address any other lost person we hoped to win to Christ. We cannot hate our mission field!

Therefore, I agree with the idea that Dr. Bob III's statement requires an apology. It is not representative of the spirit of New Testament Christianity -- salvation offered in love for the lost. My dispensationalism is showing, but I don't believe New Testament Christians should be advocating the stoning of anyone.

In reading I Cor. 6:9-10, we must not lose sight of the "...and such were some of you..." in verse 11. If our churches are not reaching a particular set of individuals because of our own attitude toward them, we are in error.

Having said that, I could not sign the petition. While the statement should be withdrawn and apologized for, any signature would be tacit consent to the spirit of the entire BJUnity page, which is clearly trending toward approval of the sin and the sinner.

The error of accommodating to the spirit of the age would be just as bad as the error of reviling a group of sinners because we detest their sin in particular.

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I wouldn't give it another thought, in my view. BJU certainly should not consider the demands of demonically inspired reprobates. These people are utter disgusting in their arrogant attempt to pressure any organization to modify itself to their satisfaction. As a Christian, we do not have as our only objective, the gospel. We, too, are participants in nations and our dual citizenship requires our attention to temporal matters including the moral welfare of a nation. And it is of the estimation of some Christian leaders that treating the perversion of homosexuality having severe criminal penalties is certainly one that has had historical support.