With "Monumental" Kirk Cameron Emerges As Activist

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I offered http://sharperiron.org/filings/3-26-12/22106 ]my observations about the film after seeing the live event on March 27. I was disappointed with it in terms of both quality and message.
Probably the most troubling aspect of the presentation was the tie to Glenn Beck, who spoke not only about history or politics, but about "God" and how He places various concerns within our hearts.
If this film is to be the basis of some type of activist movement, it will be a bubble that is short-lived. There is not enough substance – or sizzle – here to serve as the catalyst for anything more.
Cameron needs to stick with being a great actor and host. He is not a historian or teacher, and the masses should not follow him as such.

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I was immediately concerned when David Barton's name came up in the article. I believe Barton is sincere, but he seems to take a much of a leaning toward Christianity in history as possible to prove his point. As a history teacher, I have felt more than once that he pushed an interpretation too far. This is exactly where Alex was indicating a problem with Cameron.

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