Should we be concerned about bullying bills?

“according to Rebecca Burgoyne, research analyst for the California Family Council, passage of the proposed measures would promote the homosexual agenda among young children.” Bullying bills have obvious agenda

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There is no legitimate reason to include gender identity issues in curriculum to address bullying. If physical and/or verbal intimidation are against the school rules, those policies should protect ALL students, whether they are straight, fat, tall, Catholic, or Venusian. Specific language is just going to serve to leave some students out, because you can't include every single reason that kids get into their heads to bully another child. I mean, wear an ugly shirt to school and you could end up victimized by the self-appointed fashion police- what would a policy against fashion-inspired bullying look like?

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I'm concerned about what is eventually going to be thrown in under the category "bullying." After Tyler Clemente jumped of the George Washington bridge, one celebrity blamed it on society that bullies homosexuals by denying them such things as the right to get married. The category of "bullying" is going to be stretched until it includes calling homosexuality "sin," denying gay marriage, a company refusing health coverage to an employees' same-sex partner, etc.

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I agree with both of you. I think the one thing we need to remember is that we (as believers) could be reaping what we have sown. When I was a teen, making fun of homosexuals was encouraged by the church. Sure publically it was said we love the sinner but hate the sin, but privately it was joke making or worse. The environment was not good nor was it God honoring. We have all learned that we can be against the sin while still treating people in a Godly way. I am reminded of your example, Susan, of shopping at a store owned by a gay person and giving the Gospel. I remember a time when if a believer did that, they were considered in sin.

Roger Carlson, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church

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I agree, Bro. Carlson, that we are reaping what we've sown. And it's still acceptable in some circles to make snarky comments from the pulpit about those who engage in sexual sins. Whenever I hear it, I remember that 'fools make a mock at sin', and IMO there is no room for such foolishness in the pulpit or in our every day speech. We can decry sinful behaviors without trying to be amusing or working up some action from the "Amen" corner.

I also agree with Bro. Charles that the language of bullying policies that specify protection for particular groups means that those groups not only receive protections that everyone should have, but extra protection against any speech or action that they deem offensive or uncomfortable.

Can other groups claim these special protections? Polish, Christians, homeschoolers, short people...? Not likely. Homosexuality is the darling of Hollywood, so it will be given sacred status in our celebrity worshiping society.