Nebraska principal bans all things Christmas, says candy canes symbolize Jesus -- board overrules

"A school district in Nebraska has clarified that a principal’s recent directives to teachers effectively banning all Christmas and other religious holiday symbols violate school board policy." - CPost

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Elkhorn SD is west Omaha-not exactly a politically correct area.  This kind of thing is likely coming to your town, if it hasn't already.  Notice also that the principal latched on to a commonly spread fable (among fundagelicals) about candy canes to "justify" his decision.  We might infer that religious liberty is tenuous enough if we don't make problems for ourselves by spreading nonsense like this around--why create problems by doing so?

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The principal in question was put on administrative leave today, so the district is dealing with it. They have increased security at the school, so folks must be pretty angry.

We're in east Omaha, which is kind of a world away from Elkhorn and has a whole different set of issues than west O. High-level leadership in at least some of the school systems in this metro (I can't speak for Elkhorn specifically) can be very "progressive." It trickles down, of course. Our neighborhood grade school has a number of believers on staff, and that's a good thing. They can't witness Jesus at work, but they can be salt and light, and it sure is needed.