“Young adults want authenticity, which is why, according to a recent poll, 67% of millennials said they’d prefer a ‘classic’ church over a ‘trendy’ one.”

“Traditional churches tend to hold onto their attendance numbers better than most. Young adults in search of a moral foundation want theological consistency, and they’re drifting toward churches that can offer both.” - Washington Examiner


You read this all the time: “YOUNG ADULTS WANT AUTHENTICITY

This implies older adults accept duplicity… obnoxious and plain wrong.

One would almost think, reading the article, that one’s choices in fellowship are either to hang with “conservative blowhards” or “liberals”. Don’t have the time to dig through the study, its methodology, and its results, but I have at least the hope that we can have classic church architecture (be still my beating heart), conservative politics, and traditional music without being a blowhard about it. :^)

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.