Does the Bible teach Big Bang cosmology?

"One of the most popular articles I have written is 'Big Bang—The Bible Taught It First!' . . . In the two decades since then, one of the most common objections I have received from skeptics is that the Bible teaches no such thing. Who is correct?" - Hugh Ross

Somewhat Related, at AiG: Massive Galaxies in the Early Universe

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Maybe I am missing something here, but I don't think Genesis teaches "Constant Law of Physics" which is the main sticking point.  Pre-sin and Post-sin had different physical elements.  The Flood and other supernatural elements, did not fall under the same physical model.

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saying anything about constant OR changing "laws" of physics.

I remember it saying a lot about what God did though.

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to the AiG article. Faulkner has this belief that the redshift observed for galaxies is dust absorption. He has written several articles about it. Here is another. With all due respect, that thought is utterly preposterous. The universe is expanding people. Deal with it.

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There is no indication in Genesis 3 that physics changed after the fall. In any case, the only physics we can study is the physics we have now. Since God created it, trying to understand it and discovering what sort of (always somewhat uncertain) conclusions the data point to, is not merely harmless; it's a positive good.

Science itself arose as a human pursuit because of thinkers who understood that God made an orderly and generally predictable and discoverable universe. I don't know if Faulkner's theory has merit or not, but the evidence for expanding universe certainly seems solid. Still, challenging theories with data that don't fit is what authentic science is all about, so to Faulkner et al., I would just say if you think you can prove it, go for it.

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