A strategy for Christians who object to same-sex "weddings"...

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I saw this in another venue. Genius. Sheer genius. But this takes courage, the kind that we want the government to hide us from having to take. So most will ignore this advice. 

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I think that the homosexual lobby isn't content with "tolerance". They want, and demand, 100% acceptance and equivalency with heterosexuality. Therefore, I think that eventually they will find a way to stop this free speech.


At the university I work at, they regular have training seminars on "diversity". The main idea is that tolerance is not enough. So called "heterosexism" has to be banished. It is taught the same sex marriages and relationships are fully and morally equivalent to opposite sex ones. They won't stop until all either agree or are shut up or in jail.

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In case anyone was put-off by his continual use of the word "sodomites", here is his explanation in a different post. I understand his point, but I don't think that "sodomite" is necessarily a more biblically desirable term.


"To give up the historic Christian term 'sodomy' is for us to bow our knees to Baal. The Church has used this word to refer to same-sex carnal relations for most of two thousand years, now, and in the face of the evil onslaught against God's moral law so pervasive in our culture, we ought to continue to use the word simply because of its biblical witness and the shame it carries."


May Christ Be Magnified - Philippians 1:20 Todd Bowditch