Making mental health a part of the school safety solution

“Teacher training should include coursework on how to promote youth mental health, identify signs of possible mental illness, and utilize whole-school approaches to help students and promote learning.” Laura C. Murray, Education Week

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No, no, no, no - a thousand times NO!


40 years ago, homosexuality was listed a social deviation and a mental illness by mental health professionals and the AMA. 40 years from now, a refusal to accept homosexuality is likely to be labeled a mental illness. Give me freedom with all the pursuant responsibilities and risks over a government nanny state any day.

Why is it that my voice always seems to be loudest when I am saying the dumbest things?

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I think it makes sense that, just as most adults can respond to injuries and illness with a basic knowledge of first aid, teachers receive some training to be able to spot serious mental health issues.

The problem is, as you've stated, Bro. Emmerik, that what we diagnose as mental illness is subject to change. I'm a bit skeptical of all the diagnoses for sensory disorders and ADD/ADHD that I see.

There are other slippery slopes as well-

  • schools already provide food, health care, counseling/social programs, character training, after school programs... and yet they often fail at bringing students to a level of proficiency in basic academic skills
  • some teachers may take too much upon themselves as far as labeling students with mental health issues (when what they really need is recess!)
  • parents are already abdicating too much of their responsibilities onto schools and other child care 'professionals'
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Parents must take a greater responsibility for their children's upbringing, not abdicate this to the state. This has gone too far. What frightens me is that parents will increasingly see the "states" role in our own lives expanding exponentially as the years go by and the children of this generation come to maturity. It is a generational paradigm - "they've always done that, haven't they?" 

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and an Investigations Manager with a Washington State agency. He's the author of the book What's It Mean to Be a Baptist?

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The last thing we need is for the government to pressure teachers to report any little thing to authorities. We have already seen how teachers over react. Haven't you read about the kids that get suspended for having toy guns at school, or for pointing their fingers at other kids and pretending to shoot them, or for drawing something in art class that is seen as politically incorrect? 

And the way this country is becoming increasingly hostile to anyone who holds to Christian values, I wouldn't be surprised to see kids getting expelled from school for thinking that homosexuality is wrong. They will label our kids as bullies. 

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"...40 years from now, a refusal to accept homosexuality is likely to be labeled a mental illness."

Forty years?  Hope it takes that long.  The rejection of homosexuality already has a name: "homophobia" - well, you can see where this would go if homophobia was considered a "mental health issue" rather than a moral one.

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I'm N U T S (in popular culture) ... because I am a young-earth creationist!

I'm not a 4004 BC Y/E creationist .... those folk are really crazy!


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Yup I saw a Psychiatrist back in 1987 while I was hospitalized 11 weeks convalescing from a broken neck!

I was just a little too cheery know "not depressed". I had to see the Psychiatrist who said I was in denial!



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Susan R wrote:

Pull my finger? 




     "Haven't aged a bit.."

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I am sure whatever they come up with will be stripped of all "religious" belief. However, to try to fix someone's "mental health" without acknowledging that he is also a spiritual being will fail.

I think the experts will use this to commit people involuntarily and prescribe drugs for those who do not toe the party line (secularism).

Luke 17:10