"Satanists now are fighting for their ‘right’ to sponsor after-school programs"

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I suppose if they start an After School Satan club in my town, I'll just have to start attending. There really ought to be at least one voice that can speak from a logically coherent worldview.

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They have a 'right' to request that schools allow them to hold After School Satan Clubs, and if the school accepts them, they have the right to teach whatever they want to any children whose parents sign them up.

However, I think this is just a reactionary "We want our 15 minutes" move, and is fundamentally disrespectful to children, their parents, and the education system.

Satanists, to my knowledge, have never organized anything to benefit others; start a charitable organization, found a hospital, rehabilitation center, or counseling service, raise money for an agency that helps the disabled....

What kind of people are mindful to serve their communities and organize ways to help others? Let me think a minute... Oh, I know - Christians, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists... basically people who claim to believe in and worship capital "G" God.