School Districts Say, 'Thousands of Students' in Virginia Are Transgender and Should Choose Which Restroom to Use

"The four school systems currently have approved rules in their schools that prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. The policies don’t expressly guarantee student access to their choice of restroom, but the schools try to meet those requests." - Christian Headlines

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....the right of young people to NOT look at someone of the opposite sex while disrobed, or be viewed by someone of the opposite sex while disrobed, does not matter to these people.  I think if I'd been told a young, confused lady was going to be showering with me in the locker room, I'd have been very likely to quit cross country and track, and freshman gym class would have been even more horrible. It is as if these people are completely unaware of how self-conscious many teens are!

Regarding the notion that there aren't cases of young men using this to get into such situations, I'm aware of one in Virginia, MN, where a young man not only got access to the ordinary locker room, but also followed young ladies to "twerk" himself in the secondary locker room where they'd gone because they were uncomfortable with his presence.    So there is a real question of whether "no incidents" really means "no incidents", or whether it means "incidents were recorded as ordinary behavior of sexually curious young men and women."  

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