Porn Star From a Pulled Ted Cruz Ad Is the Chatter at Bob Jones University

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I wonder if they also discussed the fact that Trump is himself the owner of a strip club? Or is that OK, because he is Trump?

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It's got kind of a misleading headline. Later in the article, "Mr. Cruz was the last of four presidential candidates to speak on Friday, following Mr. Rubio, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush."

From the rest of the article, which is somewhat hard to follow:

  1. The question about the porn actress came from reporters holding a news conference on campus, which was separate from the forum in which candidates addressed the student body. It's not clear whether there was a Q&A time with students.
  2. All four candidates addressed the student body.

I suppose that headline gets more clicks, though.

Michael Osborne
Philadelphia, PA

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I saw reporting about it but it wasn't a remarkable ad. The ad creator hired actors and actress and one actress is a former (?) porn star. How could have Cruz known?! I don't think it's a big deal. I am not a Cruz supporter.

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Each actor and actress has an IMDB page, so I would hope that anyone doing casting would take a look and make sure there wasn't anything incredibly embarrassing about it.  Remember the kerfuffle when Dr. Bauder noted the personal lifestyle of a star of the movie about Jim Elliott?

But that said, I don't know how many actresses you're going to find under the age of 50 who haven't done some kind of on screen nudity or love scenes--or actors for that matter.  So unless Cruz wants to draw from community theater, I think he's stuck.

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