Fearing God in a Hebel World


Dr. Bob McCabe is Professor of OT and Registrar at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

“Fearing God in a Hebel World”? I have chosen a name that is derived from my study of Ecclesiastes. The word hebel is taken from Ecclesiastes 1:2 and may be rendered with some transliteration as, “Hebel of hebels, all is hebel.” This word is often translated as “vanity”; however, I have taken it as “frustratingly enigmatic.” I have linked Solomon’s final exhortation, “fear God” (Eccl 12:13) with the subject of Ecclesiastes, “the frustratingly enigmatic nature of life on earth” (Eccl 1:2). At this point, it is easier to transliterate hebel than to translate it. Thus, the title “Fearing God in a Hebel World.”

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